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WildTrails provides an easy way of seeing all possible wildlife trips for some of the top exotic wildlife destinations across the world [Currently Supporting India, Kenya & Tanzania] with an end-to-end trip right from your flights, to wildlife resorts to wildlife safaris to  pickup/drops from local airports to even local experiences & that you probably don’t want to miss including 16-hr support via direct chat with our world-class support staff via our App or WhatsApp (in the event of any delays or last-minute issues to any general queries about your plan or destination).

We are the world’s first and only company to bring Sightings Data analytics into planning Wildlife Holidays & applying data mining & analytics, AI, Machine learning to increase your sightings probability.

To design your own safari trips for India and Africa [Kenya & Tanzania], visit our new home – WildTrails.Co, or download our app available on both Android & iOS

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"Sightings Based Wildlife Packages"

What does WildTrails India App provide?

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  • The Customizable as well as Fixed departure Wildlife Packages
  • Comprehensive details of all sanctuaries, tiger reserves & national parks including bird sanctuaries of India (a total of 540 sanctuaries covered across India), their history, geography and the kind of animals and birds to expect there
  • Complete Wildlife News & Articles across the world, delivered sharp @ 6.30am IST
  • Complete Sightings Details (for top Sanctuaries of India) along with Tiger Sighting Index (TSI) ™
  • Guides & Naturalists list across all sanctuaries of India
  • Weather forecast for all these Sanctuaries
  • Wildlife Images tagged with sanctuary name
  • Rent/Buy all Wildlife Gears & Accessories including Camera/Lens, and

Are you into Wildlife?

WildTrails India App is a Must Have App on your Smartphone!!

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