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How to book Kabini Safari online?


Are you looking for a weekend tour to Kabini and searching for a good Kabini holiday packages? Have you always wanted to explore Nagarhole National Park? Then this article is a must-read for you! In this article we will guide you how to plan about your safari booking, what’s the best time and how can you make your trip truly memorable! 


Why Kabini

Kabini Jungle Safari is something everyone wants to do because of the amazing sightings one gets there, be it tigers or leopards or elephants or a black panther or any types of deer or a gaur (Indian bison). You can even spot a pack of wild dogs and many mammals and variety of birds like crested hawk eagle or a crested serpent eagle or a drongo or peacocks – as they say Kabini Never Disappoints!

[Please note that Kabini is not a separate forest or a national park but the southern part of Nagarhole National Park and Tiger Reserve which is popularly known as Kabini as it is on the banks of the river Kabini]

The Canter / Mini-Bus:

Canter Safari At Nagarhole


How to book online Kabini Safari?

Since there is no way you can book Kabini Safari online, you’ll have to book with the tourism department lodges which comes with the safari – a stay cum safari with all meals package. Alternatively, you can just book the safari without stay by going in person at Dammanakatte Forest Dept office in Antharsanthe which is just 1 km from the Kabini forest Gate with a valid Government id card, one ticket per person. 

There is another procedure to follow to buy tickets (not book online Kabini Safari but offline) at Dammanakatte Forest Dept office in Antharsanthe (called Dammanakatte Antharsanthe Safari ). You need to go at around 9.30am to buy tickets for 3 pm safari and by 4 pm for next day morning safari. Also, you get only canter safari (see pic below)  – no jeep safari and for max 1 to 1.5 hours. On the other hand, if you stay in Tourism Dept lodges, you will get a jeep and a boat safari for approx 2.5 hrs each

Check Which Is the Best Season To Visit Kabini


Jeep Safari At Kabini

Please note and be cautious

There are many private resorts around the park and not all have permissions for Safari for their guests and they push the guests to the Dammanakatte Antharsanthe Safari with no guarantee of tickets. Those private resorts that are permited, have a limited number and hence on a full-occupancy, these resorts cannot honor all guests a safari and also they have permit only for Canter Safari and no jeep safari. Yes, our tourism department has monopoly over jeep safaris in Kabini and I told you, our rock number is 17.*


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Kabini Tiger Sighting Index

You can check the current Kabini Tiger and Black Panther Sighting Index Data here. The recent tiger sightings data is on the basis of weekly, monthly and yearly as well. You can compare the sightings before any trip to Kabini.

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