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Frequently Asked Questions about Pench Safari

Frequently Asked Questions about Pench Safari

This article talks about some of the very frequently asked questions about Pench safari [Madhya Pradesh]. It talks about safari booking procedures, gypsy and guide charges, safari cancellations, safari add-ons, safari rescheduling, safari refund,  safari safety and lot more.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pench Safari [FAQ]

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Pench Safari

Q. How can I reschedule my Permit for the safari?

Permits can be rescheduled by visitors online by using the same login user ID.

Q. Is there any provision for Add-Ons?

An Add-on is only possible under following circumstances:

The total number of members of a party should be less than five.

The leader of the party should agree to the adding-on.

The original Permit must have at least two persons to avail of this facility. Each Add- on, irrespective of the number of persons, shall be charged an additional normal entry fee of a particular zone. Adding-on shall only be allowed once.

The presence of the group leader of the original permit holder is a must in the Add-on arrangements.

Q. How to get a Guide for the safari?

Guides shall be available at the entry points. It is mandatory to keep a Guide during the Park safari. Cost of hiring a Guide will be Rs 360/- for each safari. Guides shall be provided on a roster basis (not by choice) and shall be asked to accompany the visitors right from the entry point at the time of verification of the permit.

Q. How to get a Vehicle for the safari?

Only registered vehicles are allowed to enter into the Tiger Reserve for the safari. The vehicles can be hired at Rs 2000/- for safari and 1500/- for taken in the Telia buffer. The above mentioned rate is from gate to gate basis. The rates are subjected to changes as per the revisions made by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. No advance booking facility is available for the hiring of vehicles. No private vehicles are allowed to enter into the Tiger Reserve.

Q. How many persons are allowed in a Vehicle for the safari?

A maximum of six persons, excluding the mandatory Guide and registered Driver, are allowed in a vehicle during the safari on one permit.

Q Any exemption for the children in the safari?

Children up to five years of age shall be exempted from entry fee and elephant ride fee.

Q. How to make the cancellation of booked Permits?

Permits booked online can be cancelled online. Permits can also be cancelled at the counters near the Gate as per the Cancellation Rules.

From Date of permit 60 days or before entry/Safari date: complete amount of Permit will be refunded after deducting portal charge.

Cancellation of Permit Between 30 days To 59 days prior Safari date: Cancellation charges deducted on the Permit after deducting portal charges will be 25% of Permit value.

Cancellation of permit Between 15 days to 29 days prior Safari date: Cancellation charges deducted on the Permit after deducting portal charges will be 50% of Permit value 

Cancellation of permit Between 05 days To 14 days: Cancellation charges deducted on the Permit after deducting portal charges will be 75% of Permit value.

Cancellation of permit between 5 days or less days prior to entry: No Refund eligible.

Q. What are mandatory documents that I need to carry during the safari?

All the visitors are required to produce the entry permit and any one of the identity cards (Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, PAN Card, Govt. Employee Card, Passport and Student ID) on demand by the Park Officials for verification at the entry point.

Q. What if a permit holder turns up late at the entry gate?

The permit is valid till one hour for full vehicle permit and half hour for single permit after the scheduled entry time. After these time permits will be deemed to be cancelled.

Q. What are the activities that can be taken up in the Core Zone of the Tiger Reserve?

Only safari on vehicles on the designated routes is permitted in the Core Zone of the Tiger Reserve. Walking on foot or getting off the vehicle is strictly prohibited.

Q. What are the activities that can be taken up in the Buffer Zone of the Tiger Reserve?

Nature trails at Rukhad, Telia, Turia and Karamajhiri entry gate have been made for walking on foot. Also Safari in permitted in Buffer Zone.

Q. What are the precautions I need to take for my safety while in the Park?

Visitors are allowed to move on open vehicles in the Park. One should refrain from teasing or even feeding wild animals. Getting off the vehicle and moving on foot is strictly prohibited. First- aid box is a mandatory kit in all the vehicles. Winter garments are advised during the months of November – February. It is always advisable to follow the instructions of the Guide and adhere to the do’s and dont’s. Sitting firmly on the seat confined to the vehicle, remaining watchful to the dangling branches, avoiding touching of plants, eating of leaves and fruits, drinking water from the flowing streams and wearing of boots and trousers in the nature trail are always advisable. Also avoid bright colour cloths during the vehicular safari & walks on the trails.

Q. Is there a facility of a bus for the park excursion?

Yes, MP Tourism Development Corporation and Pench Tiger Reserve runs 18 seater mini bus on from the Turia gate. The rates for the Permits for the mini bus 510/- per tourist are done at the entry gate counters.

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