How to do a Safari at Kabini without a Stay?
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How to do a Safari at Kabini without a Stay?

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  • Kabini Overview
  • How safari works in Kabini
  • Rates are exorbitant 🙁
  • Book a Safari without a stay? 
  • How do reach safari?
  • Play with WildTrails intelligence tools
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In South, Kabini probably has the best tiger sightings (# of times tiger seen per week in Kabini ) without a doubt.

The variety of sightings and the frequency of sightings that Kabini offers easily competes with the best of the best in the country. You get to see –

  • Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, Wild Dogs, Fox, Jackal,
  • all types of deer – spotted, mouse deer, Sambar, barking deer to Gaurs,
  • all kinds of mongoose, snakes of course,
  • malabar giant squirrel to flying squirrel and
  • of course the Bagheera – the famous black panther!!
  • And many many species of birds.

Nowhere you get these many species in a single safari and it is very much possible to get all of them in a couple of safaris here.

How Safari works in Kabini?

Unlike the rest of India, here safari and stay are not delinked. They are strongly coupled here and a safari in Kabini is possible only if you stay in either the tourism department lodges or in the associated lodges only.

Point to remember: There are many other lodges (I wont name them here. Sorry) who don’t offer safari rather not allowed to offer safari. Assume if you got a great deal for a Kabini lodge, assume it is not a associated property and you will not get the safari.

Currently (that is as of April 2020) if you need a jeep safari, book your stay in the department of tourism lodges and that’s the only way you can get a jeep (or somehow if you know our Tourism minister, won’t hurt 🙂 ) and in the associated resorts you will always get a canter.

Confused? Check instant price with WildTrails ( Kabini Experts) :

I want to stay but the rates are so exorbitant and no way we can afford it.

You are not alone there. Most of us cannot afford it – sadly 🙁

The rates are so high partly because of

  • the demand 
  • the frequent sightings of tigers and leopards and off late the Black Panther and
  • a limited number of safari vehicles that can enter the forest and hence limited number of safari seats (thank the Supreme court ruling but I still don’t understand how come say Bandhavgarh has so many Gypsies going in while here in Nagarhole which is same size as Bandhavgarh has so less number?) 
  • and also one of the main reasons is the tourism department’s monopoly of holding onto jeep safaris and also onto the safari rights (unlike what you see in the central Indian forests).

These above factors have rocketed the prices. As they say, what cannot be changed has to be endured!!! 🙂

But let’s come to the point, how to book a Safari at Kabini without a stay? Tell that please

There is only one option for mango people (Aam Aadmi) like us. There is a forest office called Dammanakatte in Kabini and they run canter safari in the morning and in the evening with almost three trips a session and max 26 people in each trip. You can go there and do the safari but the only catch is that they issue tickets at 10am for that day afternoon safaris and at 4pm for the next day morning safaris and ticket gets over in less than 10 minutes 🙁

Hassle free Kabini trips? Check our instant 2min quote and drop a lead:

I am ready to take a chance, how do I proceed?

Just download WildTrails India app and navigate to the exact location using the app otherwise you will miss it easily. Also in the app keep an eye on the Dammanakatte sightings and if you see tigers or black panther, rush to Dammanakatte as chances of they reappearing in the same area for next 1 or 2 days is very high.

If no app, To go to Damankatte gate (Antharsanthe) forest department safari point [Google Map co-ordinates: 12.014335, 76.257783 – or Google maps link] just head towards as if you are going towards Kabini River Lodges. But before you go there, you will hit the forest gate where there are boards to take left for JLR Kabini, Serai Kabini, etc and this safari point is just less than a km backwards and on the left (& right after a restaurant called Tasty). It is approx 12 kms from Kabini JLR and closer to Mysore.

Kabini Tiger Sighting Index

You can check the current tiger sighting of Kabini here. The recent tiger sightings data is on the basis of weekly, monthly and yearly as well. You can compare the sightings before any trip to Kabini.


  • Please be a responsible wildlife tourist;
  • No littering, No sounds, No feeding, no getting down from the safari jeep (when on safari), No phone calls.
  • Remember that we are visiting their home and when we are there, let’s follow their rules.

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