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Key Tips for First time Kabini Visitor.

When we talk about Wildlife in Karnataka, the first name that comes to our mind is Bandipur. However, just adjoining Bandipur there is Kabini National Park which has become a popular destination for the Wildlifers and Photographers. Kabini is considered as one of the most beautiful National Park covered with greenery. It is one of its unique Wildlife sanctuary in Southern India. Kabini which is located on the bank of River Kabini, Kabini river is also known as Kapali, which originates from Wayanad District  in Kerala. 


All the National Parks in India have the same rules as Kabini. So for the first timer one has to keep the Dos and Don’ts in mind as well. While entering the sanctuary one has to keep in the mind that they get the proper permit and bookings done while going for the safari. One thing you must know that this adventure is controlled by jungle authorities and they have set a rule that you have to follow. The best time to visit the forest is any time of the year except monsoon season.

Tips for the first time Kabini Visitors

There are three gates in Kabini. But it can get daunting if you are a first timer and want to book a safari over there. In Kabini twice safaris are conducted, once in the morning and the other one in the evening. There are few Dos and Don’ts which needs to be followed by all the first-timer visiting Kabini as follows.


  1. While going for safari one must have the safari voucher and you need to take them to the gate at the prescribed time.
  2. The voucher should have all names of the people who are traveling in the Gypsy. You should hand over the original IDs and the voucher at the gate. Please Note that the name, the ID number mentioned in the voucher and the one you gave should match.
  3. It is better to reach the gate at least half an hour before. There is an advantage to reaching early as you can be in among the first few vehicles. 
  4. Go with earth colors like greens, beige, and brown.
  5. Always carry proper camera bags etc to protect the equipment from sudden showers, dust etc.
  6. If you are carrying a big lens like a 400mm upwards or any prime lens for photography do inform the resort in advance and ask for a bean bag.
  7. Always carry a water bottle while going for a Safari.
  8. Cover face properly.


1. Smoking or Drinking liquor is prohibited inside the park.

2. Avoid using strong perfumes and body deo should be avoided while going for a safari.

3. Avoid wearing bright colored clothes.

4. Do not litter inside or outside the vehicle.

5. No firearms to be carried inside the park.

6. Do not feed the animals in the jungle.

7. Getting off from the vehicle is not permitted.

Whenever there is a sighting, being the forward most vehicle gives you an excellent line of vision for photography. One can go for Jeep, Cantor or Boat safari based on what sort of booking is done. The best time to go for Safari is in the morning where wild animals come out to quench their thirst from the nearby lakes or water bodies. In the evening it is equally as good as well, in the evening the chances of spotting Leopard is high. It is one of the National Parks in India which is opened throughout the year.

While planning for Kabini one must keep in mind that while doing safari one must avoid using strong perfumes or deodorants as animals have a strong sense of smell and these can distract the animals and make them move away. Smoking or Drinking liquor is prohibited inside the park and it is a punishable offence.

Plan your trip well in advance. Which resort you book all depends on which gate you have booked the safari.For those traveling by train, The Nearest Railway Stations for accessing Mysore and one can easily get a cab from the Railway Station

In Kabini, trekking is organized mostly by resorts. It is conducted under the guidance of experts. For the first-timers, there are many conditions through which they have to go. They can have a medical test too. Before starting the trekking, they have to carry sufficient water because there are no shops on the way.

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