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Long tailed Meadowlark

Witnessing this strikingly beautiful bird on one of the Falkland Islands off the coast of Argentina sure was a treat to the eye. The Long Tailed Meadowlark is a commoner here but are extremely skittish and are not one bit comfortable with humans approaching them. Since they dwell in grasslands with shrubs and bushes, escaping the eyes of humans is just a dive away. They disappear into the thick impenetrable bushes at the slightest sign of movement.

Long tailed Meadowlark

Their songs are loud and wheezy while the males are usually louder, their songs last longer. As the name suggests they are not just the meadowlarks with the longest tail but also are the largest of the seven species of new world blackbirds. They commonly perch on bushes or shrubs. These perches, scattered scrubs and the cultivated meadows are a very essential component of their habitat. They use these shrubs as their stage to perform their ever so melodious songs and calls.

A shrub might hold little or no value to us but serves a purpose for hundreds of other beings around and within. They also hold mother earth together in spaces that are not suitable for trees thus reducing soil erosion.

One’s purpose is not measurable based on an individual’s need for them


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