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Parrot Bird Wildlife Sanctuary

City Bird Sanctuary Chandigarh or Parrot Bird Sanctuary Chandigarh is a bird sanctuary situated in sector 21 of the city of Chandigarh, India. It is primarily habitat of parrots. Hundreds of parrots live here. They fly in flocks in the morning and evening from here. There are two parks adjoining to this sanctuary. Flocks of parrots sit on the trees of these parks also. It is the second wildlife sanctuary of Chandigarh. sukhna wildlife sanctuary near Sukhna Lake is another wildlife sanctuary of the city.It is notified under Section 18 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. This is the first bird sanctuary of the country which is situated within the populated city.

There is a patch of an area of 2.9 hect. of the Forest and Wildlife department here with trees and plants. An adequate green cover adjoining to residential area hare attracted a large number of birds especially parrots and it became a natural habitat for them for living and breeding. Keeping in view the presence of a large number of birds, primarily parrots, this area was notified as bird sanctuary in 1998. Out of total area of 2.9 Hect. 1.80 Hect area is open to the citizens for walk under Chapter IV of the Wildlife Act (1972) and rest of 1.10 Hect area is restricted as per Act.

Interesting Fact:

The parrots wake up and sleep as per Photoperiodism. The Municipal Corporation of U.T., Chandigarh installed high post lights affecting the sleep pattern of the parrots. The Tribune (Chandigarh) highlighted the problem caused to the parrots after a local resident and bird lover, Harman Singh Sidhu brought it to their notice. The Wildlife Department, U.T., Chandigarh was apprised of the problem and the high post lights were switched off.


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