Pench National Park Tiger Sightings- Recent Sightings Report
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Pench Tiger Sightings- Recent Sightings Report

Pench Tiger sightings

The Recent Pench Tiger Sightings is 48.44% for the first week of November i.e from 1st November to 7th November 2019.  Pench Tiger sighting is one of the major highlights from Pench National park. The park is famous as the jungle book. 

14 days Tiger Sighting Index of Pench (25th Oct to 7th Nov 2019)

Pench safari zones are as following- Turia, Karmajhiri, Jamtara, Rukhad, Sillari, and Khursapar. There are approx 50+ Tigers, 40+ leopards and you can also spot Sloth Bears, Wild Dogs, Wolf, Golden Jackal, Indian Giant Squirrels, and Jungle cats. 

Pench is the best place to see tigers in India. The park has 10 villages in and around its periphery. Fulzari is the village inside the park along with nine other bordering its limits. Pench National Park is four different forest regions in one, an extravagance of trees, shrubs, grasses, climbers, weeds and herbs, with teak being the most prominent of the tree species.

The forest has many water bodies, Totladoh dam, etc. Tigers of Pench are known according to the territory they belong to. 

You can check the Recent tiger sighting of Pench here. The recent tiger sightings data is on the basis of weekly, monthly and yearly as well. You can compare the sightings before any trip to Pench.

Check out some famous Tigers sighted recently in Pench:

Collarwali (The Supermom)

Collarwali (the famous mom) was spotted with her cubs in Pench.  “Collarwali” in Pench has given birth to a set of quadruplets this year — taking her total tally of litter to 29 in her 13 years as of now which is a world record, and she’s still going strong. Tourists have spotted her often with her cubs in Pench. 

Image Credit: Imran (November 2019)
Image Credit: Imran (November 2019)

KT65- Baras The Tigress

Baras(named due to the 12 mark on her left eye) the offspring of Durga also known as the queen of Khursapar was also spotted several times in Pench. Baras is the famous tigress 

Image Credit: Shamanth Krishnamurthy‎ (November 2019)

Patdev With Her Cubs

Patdev tigress is difficult to spot in Pench. She walks away of human activities. She was spotted on 27th October with her cub.

Image Credit: Sarvesh Chaddha (October 2019)

Langdi Tigress

Langdi is one of the most iconic and famous Tigresses of Pench Tiger Reserve, which lives in the Central Park of India. She has a vast area under her and walks almost as if had some injury on her limbs.

Image Credit: Anand Mihir (October 2019)

Below given is the recent tiger sighting data of Pench Safari zones. Check the sightings before planning any jungle safari trip to Pench National Park.

Tiger sightings zone(gate) wise

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