Ranthambore National Park Stories That Will Blow Your Mind
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Ranthambore National Park Stories That Will Blow Your Mind.

Ranthambore is also known as the Land of Tigers. When it comes to wildlife it’s not just about going on a wildlife safari but it’s much more than that. 


Wildlife Travel Titbits Straight From Ranthambore National Park


Tigress Noorie (T-105), 4th litter of T-39 (Noor) is now the dominant female of Zone 2 of RTR. She is currently raising her first litter with 2 females and 1 male cub. Since this is her first litter, the cubs are very skittish and had not been seen very often. We were very fortunate to have a lovely sighting of this family feasting on a huge sambar deer. The family took turns in eating the kill and rested by the rocks nearby.  The male cub was very bold and always accompanied the mother while on the kill. This is very nostalgic because, a few years ago, we has seen her mother Noor (T39), and 3 cubs (Noorie and Sultana, and T106 ) on a kill when the cubs were just 3 months old. Am extremely thankful to the Hemraj duo (Guide and Driver) for positioning the vehicle appropriately and their exceptional skills in understanding Tiger behavior.

The mother Eating and dragging the kill towards the bush line.



A special thanks to Ravindra Jain Ji for the great hospitality at the Ranthambore regency.

The driver and guide combination of Hemraj Meena and Ranthambore Hemraj for great positioning, anticipation and understanding tiger behavior.

Know when is the best time to visit Ranthambore national park.

The bold male cub feasting on the kill

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