Tadoba National Park Tiger Sightings- Recent Sightings Report
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Recent/Current Tiger Sighting Report Of Tadoba

Tiger Sightings in Tadoba

The Recent Tadoba Tiger Sightings is 81.3% for the month of December. Known as the largest park of Madhya Pradesh, Tiger sighting is one of the major highlights in  Tadoba National park. Getting safari tickets for the core zone in Tadoba is not the sole purpose of tourists anymore, buffer areas of Tadoba are also doing great in tiger sightings ( currently there’s a very visible tigress with cubs).

Image Credit: Arafat

There are twelve safari zones in Tadoba, namely Kolara, Moharli (mohurli), Navegaon, Khutwanda, Pangdi, Zhari (kolsa) (Zari), Agarzari zone, Devada Adegaon, Agarzari Zone, Junona Zone, Ramdegi – Navegaon Zone, and Alizanza Zone

There are approx 50+ Tigers, 40+ leopards and you can also spot Sloth Bears, Wild Dogs, Wolf, Golden Jackal, Indian Giant Squirrels, and Jungle cats. 

Some Recent Tigers Spotted In Tadoba

Tadoba Tiger Sightings
Credit: Mithun Bhalavi
Tiger Sightings Tadoba
Credit: Nilesh Zunzunkar


She is the famous mom in Tadoba National Park, She made Tadoba popular to the extent that every tourist wants to visit Tadoba for its tiger Sightings. She is the undisputed queen of Tadoba known as “Maya”. She was spotted on several events in Tadoba. 

Tourists spotted Maya’s female sub-adult cub (Meera) wounded on the 1st and 2nd of October 2019, where she used to spend countless happy hours along with Maya and her brother  Surya! The 2 years old Meera, who was one of the major attractions for tourists was found dead on 8th October 2019 in the jungle.

Maya was also spotted with Matkasur in Tadoba.

Image Credit: Uma Badve 

We were on our 5th safari, and had seen everything else that Tadoba has to offer, except tigers! And there they were Maya and Matkasur, mating, sleeping, biting, growling at each other. Just two tigers in love 🙂 And we could witness their love affair for over 2 hours! Tadoba really never disappoints.


Image may contain: outdoor
Image Credit: Anil Kumble
Maya the tigress in #Tadoba, protecting her territory from another tigress.

He is named as Matkasur for his huge shape & size.  The tiger is known as the dominant male of Tadoba. Matkasur is known as the “King of Tadoba” for his wins against Gabbar tiger. He is also the father of Chota Matka (Choti Tara’s cub), who is famous as the new star of Tadoba.

You can check the Current tiger sighting of Tadoba here. The recent tiger sightings data is on the basis of weekly, monthly and yearly as well. You can compare the sightings before any trip to Tadoba.

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