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Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over inthe Sharavathi River Valley of Sagar Taluk in Shimoga District. The area of the Sanctuary is 431.23 Sq. Kms out of which an area of 123.63 Sq. Kms is under the water spread of Sharavathi Reservoir. The Sanctuary lies in the Western Ghats, mainly covered with evergreen and semi-evergreen forests in the valleys and grassy patches on hill tops, and is immensely rich in flora and fauna both in variety and diversity. Parts of the sanctuary, mostly in the grassy blanks, have been planted up with Acacia auriculiformies, Cashew and fruit yielding species. They are immensely rich in species like Dhoopa, Gulmavu, Surahonne, Mavu, Nandi etc. They harbour wildlife like Bison, Spotted deer, Tiger, Panther etc. The hilly areas actually drain water to area than to the catchment Sharavathi River, clustered with small and big nalas. The area serves as living place for many vertebrates and invertebrates. The sanctuary has got innumerable herbs, shrubs, ferns and grasses many of which are yet to be surveyed and listed.


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