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Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary is credited amongst the first sanctuaries of Mizoram. It is located at a distance of about 101 kilometres from Aizawl. The Sanctuary hosts a variety of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.

The plant species commonly found here include Gmelina arborea, Schima wallichi, Michelia champaca, bamboos, and canes. The forests of the sanctuary are quite unexplored and exhibit a unique variety of flora. Rippling rivulets, high cliffs, precipitous hills and natural salt lakes augment the natural splendour of the sanctuary.

The forests of Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary hosts a vast variety of fauna such as dark-rumped swift, hill myna, common partridges, jungle fowl, Kallej pheasant, Rhesus macaque, hoolock gibbon, serow, jungle cat, barking deer, sambar, leopard, tiger, and many others. A number of unique and endangered species of wild animals are also the inhabitants of this sanctuary.


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