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My son and his friend were delighted with WildTrails’ services in Kabini:
At the hotel, the welcome was warm, room were luxurious and the meals were excellent. During the safari, we saw many animals both by boat and by jeep. To make the reservation from France, we contacted WildTrails, they were very friendly and very responsive in answering all our questions with great efficiency. We therefore highly recommend WildTrails. 

Christian Fouillen,

Recently I visited Sasan Gir on 3 safari’s with Wildtrails. Parmesh organized the trip and every small detail was well managed. Parmesh was very helpful in answering questions and following-up during the trip. The 3 safari’s far exceeded expectations. Sighted 3 lions and 1 lioness, many deer, sambal, neelgai, hanuman langoors, mongoose, peacocks, and spotted owlet. One of my most memorable experience.

Anupama Manjeshwar,

wildtrails reveiw

“I came across Wild Trails after some disappointing attempts at finalizing a dream trip to Masai Mara with local Kenyan tour companies that were offering us inflexible and expensive deals. I stumbled upon their website by serendipity after almost having given up. Having never heard of them before I was hesitant to contact them but a review Read More…

on their website read that they were like the light at the end of the dark tunnel which is exactly how things turned out for us as well! The folks here are very helpful and resourceful. When we reached the Nairobi airport 3 hours earlier than our departure time to Masai Mara they even called up our driver at 6 AM IST to inform them of our arrival. Do try them out!”

Karishma M | HMC | New Delhi,

customer review, wildtrails

Very nicely organized trip of Tadoba… Thanks, Wildtrails for making our vacation memorable.

Nirupam Dutta, Bengaluru,

Wildtrails Customer reciew

It was a nice trip planned by Wild trails … good resort.. swimming pool was occupied by some noisy guys during our stay. Safaris were good. I have sighted cheetahs, langurs, peacocks, wild boars, sambhar. I was surrounded by greeneries. Meals were awesome, (more…)


An absolutely wonderful experience, arranged by WildTrails, for 5 days – 4 nights package at Bandipur and Kabini.

As a novice in Wildlife Safari, all my queries were patiently answered by WildTrails team (Thank you – Vidhu and Parmesh), and they ensured that I got to enjoy the trip to the fullest. The team also gave full support so that a few uncertainties on the trip due to heavy rain and floods en-route were addressed, keeping in mind my safety concerns.

A longer stay at Bandipur and Kabini also ensured that I got to spot a wide variety of animals (3 tigers spotted, one of which was a thrilling hunt of a wild dog by a tigress) and birds from these two beautiful locations.

Krishna, Cochin,

customer review

It was really a wonderful experience at Nagarhole National Park, Kabini during the rainy days. The naturalist who has taken us for safaris were experts in tracking Tigers.. (Spotted 3 tigers in 4 safaris) They had clearly explained to us the behavior of various types of birds and mammals in that natural habitat. Thanks to Wildtrails & looking forward to another safari with you!

Mahesh S,

Amazing team to contact if you are looking for a tour into the wild. Though ours was a last-minute plan to Bandipur Forest, Wildtrials team planned it really well and their quick response was really commendable. Safari was good and quality time spent will family amidst nature! Cheers team!

Yellur Pranitha, Bangalore,

Overall great experience from starting of booking till the end of the trip. The stay at JLR was awesome with a clear focus on wildlife Safaris. The Jeep safari with the expert trackers were amazing, which finally helped to end my wait all these years to spot a tiger in a natural habitat. Highly recommended for any wildlife enthusiast. Kudos to WildTrails and JLR team.

Pruthviraj Shivaram, Amsterdam,

WildTrails was fun and the guides were very knowledgeable about the animals. We will definitely be back!

Gina M. Cerone, J.D. SPHR Director of Sales & Marketing XTL, Inc.,

Excellent experience overall. The wildtrails team was really helpful right from planning to booking & even made sure our stay was great without any hiccups.

Thanks a lot, will definitely try some other place soon

Mayur Shetty, Bangalore,

A Wildtrails guide transported me, on my first trip to India for business, to Nagarhole National Park. I enjoyed two safaris and saw a ton of wildlife with the highlight being tigers on both excursions. On the first (Saturday evening) we sighted a female tiger. One the second excursion we sighted a mother tiger and her 3 nearly grown cubs (a male and two females).

My WildTrails guide was everything I could ask for. And the WildTrails administrators actually changed my excursion plans real-time based upon recent sighting data that indicated a high likelihood of tigers on Sunday morning. Otherwise, I would have been on the river safari and missed the mother and her cubs.

An amazing adventure. Can’t say enough about the great staff at WildTrails and at Kabini River Lodge.

Kevin Blackwell, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Information Services Group, USA,

We had an incredible experience using the app and booking a trip based on most recent tiger sightings. The Wild Trails team was in constant contact and everything went flawlessly. We even saw a tiger! I’d highly recommend booking with them, and would do so again in a heartbeat.

Victoria Miller, Florida,

WildTrails made our trip very smooth and memorable. We had a great time, everything was perfectly organised! We had sightings of tigers and leopards plus many other animals on both safaris! We will definitely be recommending WildTrails to our friends and family! You truly are Wildlife experts.


Chandrashekar family, Bangalore, India,

I had one of the best jungle safari experiences recently at Kabini. we were a group of 8 who drove down from Bangalore to the Kabini forests for 2 nights and 3 days. All our bookings were managed by the good people at WildTrails. The process was smooth, they were more than accommodative with all sorts of requests from our end and they were available on standby for any help or assistance needed until we checked out.  I highly recommend using them in your next wildlife adventure. Not only are they equipped on knowledge, tips, insights on the jungles of India they have a stellar network of professionals and connections across safari providers too. I’m definitely reaching out to them on my next jungle trip and will recommend them to all wildlife enthusiasts. Good work team Wildtrails, keep it up. Until next time – Cheers!

Carl George, Mumbai,

Our recent trip to Tadoba was organized by WildTrails and they took care of all details from booking the safaris, to booking the resort, pick up and drop from station/airport…..all taken care of. Special thanks to Geeta and Parmesh for taking such good care of us and promptly answering all our queries. Must mention the expert tracker CHANDU whose knowledge and expert tracking helped us spot more than a dozen tigers as well as a leopard on our trip. Thanks, guys for the wonderful memories and will definitely get back to you for all further wildlife holidays.

Shrawanti Chakravarty,

We had an amazing experience with Wildtrails on our visit to TATR. Everything was planned perfectly, the safari gates selection, resort, tour guide etc. we sighted tigers on each safari we did & the timing was perfect. highly recommended for people who want to explore wildlife. Thank you wildtrails for this memorable experience

Chandrashekar SC, Bangalore, India,

“Finding all relevant info on Nagarhole park & Safari was very hard. Then I found WildTrails. Wrote to them, got a reply within minutes and in a few hours I was ready with all relevant bookings. App is amazing and so is the WildTrails team. Super Appreciate them”

Vysakh R Nambiar Director, Ntglobal Solutions, Kigali Rwanda,

I had a great time at Sariska! I journeyed from Noida on a motorcycle and had not booked ahead, but WildTrails folks were able to accommodate me last minute with a custom package that fit my schedule at a great price. I went on a group Safari in a Gypsy jeep with another family who was very nice. The tour guide explained many interesting facts about the jungle. We were also very lucky to have spotted a tiger and a leopard. An excellent experience! My package included stay at the Hill Resort about 8 km away from the Sariska gate. It was a nice place with all the facilities. And the staff was very nice. English is not their forte, but we got by. Again, a pleasant experience and I would come visit again.  WildTrails, highly recommended

Nick, Canada,

“We all cannot resist our wanderlust, there are lucky few who desire of being lost while they travel and for the rest who cannot afford to be lost but believe in experiencing the same, WildTrails India does the trick for you! Thanks to WildTrails India, sorted our entire itinerary and there was not a thing for us to worry about in a place where language could have been a barrier for us.“

Maqdum Syed IT Professional Pune, India,

Excellent app & teamwork. The day before yesterday we four(family) returned from Tadoba. I have entrusted WildTrails to arrange everything from Nagpur airport to Nagpur airport. I must say thanks to you guys in WildTrails. Every arrangement was just awesome & the tour was a helluva success. Looking forward to booking again soon 🙂 \n\nDr.Subhamay Chatterjee\nConsultant Physician  & Critical Care\nSpecialist: Bengal

Dr.Subhamay Chatterjee Consultant Physician & Critical Care Specialist Bengal,

Very helpful if you are looking for wildlife related information. WildTrails has all information about wildlife spotting, information about sanctuaries, attached resorts etc. Definitely “one stop destination for all Indian Wildlife Enthusiasts”

Nitin Mahale Telecom Network Solutions Dhule, India,

Going with WildTrails was a great decision. After a slight miscommunication on my first safari, Manju and Gee were quick to contact the general manager here to make sure everything went smoothly the rest of the time.  The general manager and lead naturalist could not have been more accommodating and hospitable, and this is due to their relationship with WildTrails. Overall, I would highly recommend booking a multi-day safari at Kabini with WildTrails. Great park, great guides and great care of their clients.

Reid Wilson Bangkok, Thailand,

WildTrails gave me and my family the best experience while in Ranthambore. Our 2 tours had amazing drivers, very knowledgable, who did their best to be able to spot the tiger. We were lucky to see the beautiful animal living in its habitat, along with sloth bears, and all kinds of cervidae. The staff over at Askut Resort made us feel so welcome and comfortable. Its a very pleasant standard stay in a rural area. \n\nOur package included drop off in Delhi, in which our driver drove us for 8 hours, and although our Hotel was hard to find, he remained calmed and polite. Im so thankful for all the accommodations WildTrails provided to us.

Camila Rosso USA,

WildTrails is really passionate about wildlife. Booking to Dubare was quick, easy & their instructions to carry right clothing for the safari was extremely helpful! The WildTrails app helped me find nearby spots & helped us find the right hotel for lunch on our way back! It was a lifesaver (there aren’t many restaurants on NH48!)

Mukesh Khandelwal Director, Myntra Bangalore India,

I’ve been using WildTrails app for a few weeks now and it’s been extremely helpful. It works well even in remote areas with less coverage so 2G suffices for quick searches, which is quite amazing. This works well for not only frequent travelers but also while we’re out and about the city.

Pooja Srinivas Bangalore, India,

“I almost had given up on the Nagarhole visit, when I, per chance, read  WildTrails’s Blog on Nagarhole Park. The Blog answered most of my questions succinctly! Awed by WildTrails passion, detailed knowledge of the forest terrain and local practices. Highly Recommended”

Srinivasa Ratnam, Retired Semiconductor Professional (Intel Corp.), Santa Clara, California, USA,

We enjoyed the trip you organized by WildTrails for us to Nagarhole Tiger Reserve in Karnataka very much. Everything was just as you represented and we especially appreciated being directed to the only resort that uses jeeps for its safaris rather than larger buses.  We did not realize how lucky we were on our very first safari to observe a tiger ……. we also saw two leopards on that same day as well as assorted less dramatic animal! We were pleased with WildTrails arrangements and interested in their endeavor. We will recommend WildTrails to friends wanting to explore India beyond cities.

Nancy Cummings Eugene, Oregon, USA,

WildTrails organized for my friend and me three day trip to the beautiful Sariska National Park in Rajasthan. A driver picked us up from Jaipur and we stayed for two nights. We made altogether four safaris, two mornings and two afternoons. The Nationalpark has so much landscape to offer and there so many different species. We had Ajay from Sariska Tiger Reserve as a guide and as I can say he was great. At the very last safaris, we saw a male leopard drinking at a waterhole. The whole tour was great organized by WildTrails and we had nothing to do than enjoying our time.  WildTrails deserves five stars out of five.

Matthias Fah Switzerland,

We were feeling confident from the first in planning the trip with WildTrails with the app they had developed including stats on sightings. In planning the trip their team gave a good support planning to our budget the hotel and making other requirements available. Highly recommended for people who want to explore wonderful aspects of Indian wildlife. Cheers!

Tharidu Perera, Marketing at HAYLEYS PLC, SriLanka,

Impressed by the quality and services which are the two hallmarks for organizing corporate tours. WildTrails knowledge of the locations and wildlife spots was jaw-dropping. Highly recommended.

Suresh Sambandham CEO OrangeScape Chennai, India,

We had a wonderful experience visiting Bandipur and Nagarahole National Parks organized by WildTrails. They did an excellent job from the moment they came to pick us up in Bengaluru until they dropped us of back home. The car driver was very courteous and professional throughout the tour. The hosts at both national parks were very good and attended to all of our needs from bottled water to special meals requests. We went on 6 different safaris in 4 days and we were never disappointed with the drivers and their efforts to find the big cats. We did see a lot of wildlife including a big tiger and a leopard. All in all we were very satisfied with the safaris and WildTrails who made all the arrangements. I would highly recommend using WildTrails if you plan to visit the national parks.

Sai Appaji Denver, Colorado, USA,

WildTrails India was kind enough to provide me with very detailed & helpful information related to my upcoming trip to Nagarhole National Park. WildTrails is a wealth of information. Highly recommend them.

Matthew Alison Inspector, Air Pollution Control San Diego County, USA,

The Wildtrails team is able to pull off safaris that few others can arrange – had a few great experiences with them and plan to do a lot more! Thanks, guys! 🙂

Kushe Bahl, Partner at McKinsey & Co Mumbai, India,

WildTrails is uniquely positioned to bring you the best opportunities in navigating the complex logistics of planning a safari and enabling real-time guidance for animal sightings. Thanks to Wildtrails, recently at Kabini we had a great sighting (Tiger family with cubs and a leopard).  Wild trails helps you to make the best choices in real-time (safari gates, guides, zones, etc.) to help you improve your chances of sighting the mammals/birds of your interest. As such I am looking forward to many more trips with Wildtrails and I strongly recommend wild trails to others interested in wildlife travel.

Ashwin Abhyankar Engagement Manager, San Deigo, USA,

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