Tiger cub | Tiny Fur ball's Ramp Walk In The Jungle By ClicknFrame
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The Tiger Cub

tiger cub

Jungle Cat|Tiny Fur ball’s Ramp Walk | Cat-it-tude

The Scene was surreal as this Tiger cub had his dare towards our presence, walking towards us with no fear & clearly concluding it that he’s the youngster and he’s the prince. Well, That’s exactly what the tiger cub portrays regarding how a young prince has to be. Close to 6 months old and look at his charm. He’s got all that it defines to be a young soldier and trust me the Tiger cub has got that big cat attitude right from the scratch at this age.

Harsh lighting wasn’t that pleasing as one could experience in this frame. Achieving it the right way was quite a hectic job as on-field one really need to face lots of constraints & hurdles. But finding space and cracking an early dose wasn’t that hard as expected. It happened inflow and this one frame does speak about the moment experienced & followed by.

Life around in wild too is fascinating at times. Every action being a portrayal of daily schedules. Studying the wild phase can definitely lead you to a better understanding. And I must say it’s always a bliss to get hold of all odd & evens, tagging along with mother nature and enjoying Tiger cub’s visual beauty as a whole by spending time with the cub, within her premises.

Wildlife is totally engaging as usual, and every living being would reflect us back with emotions and expression when surrounded by a situation. It’s the same with every natural behavior. Just look into those glowing eyes and get hold of that priceless stare, A natural act which compromises every emotional aspect.

Note: No it’s not an ISO Issue, Shot at 640 ISO on the beast 7D Mii & Tamron 150-600mm G2 Combo. Kindly avoid the Noise/Grain factor-related quality as it’s an HDR Image, the dusty & hazed arena was cleared from PP. Extracting him from the shadow portion was a major task, to do it without losing the quality essentials was another major hurdle. On-field, things can go upside down and this was such an epic visual of which I didn’t wish to wipe out of my memory card.

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