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Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Best Season to Visit Kanha

This article lists the top 10 wildlife sanctuaries in india for 2016 and is based on the popularity index that we calculate based on number of people who visits the sanctuary, based on the sighting quality, based on number of safaris that are executed (in 2016) and based on the ratings we got for these sanctuaries.

We have our app called WildTrails India App – where we have listed all 540 sanctuaries of India and where we collect all these info including the sighting details, safaris executed and lot more. have a look at the app for detailed analysis and in-depth info on all of these sanctuaries.

We also have listed these top 10 wildlife sanctuaries in india in no particular order but have segregated based on the zone. We have divided India into 4 zones namely, South, North, Central and North-East.

Without further ado, lets jump into the Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

With No particular order, let’s name them zone-wise starting from South, then Central, then North and finally North-East

A. South Sanctuaries in Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

  • Kabini Nagarhole National Park & Tiger Reserve

Most people don’t mention this at all and most assume this is part Nagarhole and no need to mention but in reality, keeping Wildlife visitor in mind, this deserves a separate space and a separate listing as for all practical purposes for a Wildlifer, this is considered as a separate entity with its own safari, own attached resorts and own identity.

Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

This is 240 kms south of Bangalore and around 5-hr drive [on very good roads]. The only place in India where you get to sight* a Tiger, a Leopard and a Black Panther.

Kabini is called the leopard lair – one of the best places in the country to spot a leopard. No less for Tigers either. Again always expect an Elephant for sure.

top 10 wildlife sanctuaries in india

One of the best parks to sight Tiger, Leopards & Elephants and Wild Dogs – are plenty in number. Approx. 240 kms from Bangalore, located in both Mysore and Coorg Districts of Karnataka. This is a favorite destination for all those Coorg vacationers and a must visit itinerary on their list, and the Nananchi Gate in Coorg is the most visited one.

prince of bandipur

If you go by number of people visiting, this sanctuary ranks the highest in South and being on the route to Ooty helps it further. Even this sanctuary is approx. 240 kms south of Bangalore and adjoining Kabini and Madhumalai and Wayanad sanctuaries. One of the top places to see elephants in big herds and of course the home of the most photographed Tiger in the South – The Prine  who rules the tourism zone of Bandipur.

B. Central Sanctuaries in Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Central India is extremely popular for its Tigers and one of the must visit place in India if you are serious about sighting a tiger in the wild. Its a place where people don’t say they saw a tiger – that’s a passe and reserved for the rest of India. Here the fad is I saw Sonam, I saw Matkasur, I saw Legendry Collarwali, I saw Choti Tara and Cubs [all these are the names of the Tigers and Tigress in the tourism zone of Tiger Parks of Central India]

One of the most visited parks of central India and extremely popular for its magadhi and tala zones. Nearest Airport is Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh and approx. 180 kms from there but (due to erratic flight schedules of Jabalpur, most people prefer Nagpur which is approx. 420 kms or take Train to Umaria (30 kms) or Katni (97 kms)).

Tadoba Safari Tariff

  • Tadoba Andhari National Park & Tiger Reserve

Off lately becoming THE park to visit for tiger sightings in Central India. 140 Kms South-East of Nagpur, very well connected by Roads and Airport and the most visited Park in Central India in 2016.

right Tadoba safari gate

An hot-spot for sighting Tiger Cubs too. Almost very rare you get out of the park without sighting a tiger here. There are 12 Safari Gates – just that you need to choose the right gate properly.

  • Kanha National Park & Tiger Reserve

munna t17 kanha

Kanha is one of the most beautiful forests in India and very popular for the tigers and the Barasinghas. People usually use either Nagpur or Jabalpur or Raipur as the airport to go to Kanha. Nagpur is around 250 kms from Kanha but the road is not good. Jabalpur is approx. 180 kms but the flights to Jabalpur is erratic and Raipur is approx. 225 kms from Kanha and Road is extremely good. Mandla is the closest railway head and is approx. 50 kms from Kanha.

  • Pench National Park and Tiger Reserve

The famous JungleBook is supposed to be based on this sanctuary. The only national park that is straddled across two states – Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra. Nagpur is the closest city and under 100 kms from there. Nagpur happens to be the nearest airport as well as railway head.

first time pench visitors

C. North Sanctuaries in Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Ranthambore requires no introduction and hard to find anyone who does not know about it. Its the taj mahal in Sanctuaries – extremely famous among Indians as well as foreign visitors. Extremely popular for its Tiger Sightings as well as its beautiful landscapes. Impossible to get tickets here and one needs to book way ahead – may be as soon as the season opens which is 120 days in advance!! Delhi is 440 kms from the sanctuary and nearest airport is Jaipur which is 170 kms away and nearest railway head is Sawai Madhopur (just under 15 kms)

top 10 wildlife sanctuaries in india

top 10 wildlife sanctuaries in india

Corbett in Uttarakand is a  beautiful forest again with amazing landscape and very good Tiger Sightings. It is just 270 kms from Delhi and is the nearest international airport.The closest domestic airport to Corbett National Park is 50 kms away at Phoolbagh, PantnagarThe closest railway station to Corbett National Park is Ramnagar, which is 12 km from the Park. Ramnagar is the terminus of Delhi-Moradabad-Ramnagar broad gauge branch of North East Railway.

D. North-East Sanctuaries in Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Extremely popular for the Asian one-horned Rhino but also very popular for Tigers (remember that famous Tiger which jumped onto the guide who was riding the elephant injuring his hand was in this park) and from Narth-East in the State of Assam is Kaziranga.

Jorhat Airport at Rowriah (87 kilometres away), Tezpur Airport at Salonibari (approx 86 kilometres away), Dimapur Airport (147 kilometres and Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati (approximately 238 kilometres away) are all the nearby airports.


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