Top luxury Resorts In Kabini To Stay in 2021 | Accommodations In Kabini
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Top luxury Resorts In Kabini To Stay in 2021

Top luxury Resorts In Kabini To Stay in 2021

Kabini is one of the best maintained national parks in Karnataka/India. Kabini wildlife reserve is part of the Nagarhole National Park & Tiger Reserve. Nagarhole has three main safari gates.

  1. Veeranahosahalli Gate
  2. Nanchi Gate
  3. Kabini Gate
  4. Dammanakatte Gate

Nagarhole National Park of Karnataka serves as a home to some of the most endangered wildlife species Such as Tiger, Leopard, Black Panther, Sloth Bear, Wild Dogs, Elephants, mongoose,Jackal, Gaurs, wild boars, barking deer, wild boars, deer,  monkeys, pangolins etc. The sanctuary has a good population of elephants. Kabini is extremely popular as black panther resides in Kabini and Kabini is situated on the bank of river kabini. Most of the resorts in Kabini are river facing and that makes it special. Now you may ask which is better, Nagarhole or Kabini, Well! Both are equally good but because Kabini is on the bank of the river Kabini wildlife sightings are better in Kabini and also if you are lucky you may end up seeing your dream black panther. Wildlife has published a research paper on black panther sightings and we recommend visiting the park during full moon and new moon for better chances of seeing the Black Panther.

People travel from miles to get a glimpse of the south Indian National Parks. People also travel to Nagarhole/Kabini to get a glimpse of the rarest of the rare black panther. But what we have noticed is, travellers mess up with the bookings and they realize only when they check in to the hotel/resorts.  To avoid all these confusions, we strongly recommend you to go through our blogs and understand how national parks work and or get in contact with us and we will help you in understanding.

Forest Type:

Tropical Dry Deciduous & Tropical Moist Deciduous

Geographical Location: Deccan Plateau meets with the western Ghats

Kabini Season Type:

Monsoon: June to September

Winter: October to February

Summer: March to May

Top luxury Resorts In Kabini To Stay

Most of the resorts / hotels have luxury villas, cottages or tents. Almost all luxury resorts  Offer a wide range of activities and amenities. But not all resorts have access for the safaris.  For more information, please visit our website:

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Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit the kabini sanctuary is from October to May. It is advisable not to visit the kabini sanctuary between June to September as during these months the kabini receives heavy rainfall.

How To Reach Kabini

Kabini is extremely well connected. The nearest airports are Bangalore, Mysore and Kozhikode (Calicut). Kabini is also easily accessible by road. are as follows:
Bangalore Airport to Kabini – 260 km
Mysore Airport to Kabini – 75 km
Kozhikode Airport to Kabini – 170 km

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