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Kabini is considered as one of the most beautiful National Parks covered with greenery. It is one of its unique Wildlife sanctuary in Southern India. Kabini which is located on the bank of River Kabini, Kabini river is also known as Kapali, which originates from Wayanad District  in Kerala. The sanctuary makes it a picture perfect destination for the Wildlifers and Tourists. The total area of the forest is 644 The entire sanctuary is covered with some lakes and huge Trees, which makes the place a scenic beauty. The forest is one of the most popular and visited destinations in Western Ghat. 

Tiger drinking water

History and Facts

In earlier days the place was used as a Private hunting spot by the kings of the Wodeyar dynasty and British Viceroys. The Park was set up as a Wildlife Sanctuary in the year 1955  and in the year 1988 it was known as a National Park. In 1999 Kabini was declared as Tiger Reserve. 

Elephant’s majesty !

Flora of Kabini

Kabini consists of dry-deciduous forests where there is lesser rainfall and moist-deciduous forests with the rainfall registering over 1000mm.Microhabitat varieties namely hadlus having shallow clayey valley bottoms consisting of swamp savannas as well as short grass clearings or view lines give enhancement to the game-viewing for the tourists. The trees laden with effervescent flowers like flame of the forest, Indian coral tree, Red silk cotton, Indian laburnum and the padri adds glamorous shades of colour to the park. The river Kabini has a dam which further creates a big lake having giant bamboos on its banks.

Fauna of Kabini

Kabini has an ecosystem which has 108 animals per sq km and hence supports the highest density of herbivores anywhere in Asia. Muntjak, chitas, sambar, Four-horned antelope, gaur, wild pig, Asian elephant, common langur and the bonnet macaque are some of the large herbivores found in Kabini. Some of the Herbivores like the chital, sambar, gaur, wild pig, and common Langur often become prey to the tiger, leopard and wild dog. And this is one among the main reasons for the availability of a large carnivore population in Kabini.

How to Reach Kabini

The nearest town is Mysore which is just 2 hours drive from Kabini approximately 80 KMs. On the other hand Bangalore is just 230 KMs away and it takes 5 hours to reach Kabini. Kabini is well connected by Air, Railways and Road from across the country. Nearest Airport and Railway station is in Mysore. It is very easy to book a Cab from the Airport and Railway Station. 

Distance to Kabini From major cities.

  • Kabini is situated at a distance of approximately 214 kms from Bangalore and the good conditions of the roads means that it is an ideal destination. The journey typically takes around 4-5 hours to complete depending on traffic and how fast you ride. 
  • From Mysore it is hardly 2 Hours drive and it is 80 Kms from the town. 
  • Nagarhole National Park is just next to Kabini.
  • Ooty is one famous place in Tamil Nadu and its 202 KM, which is approximately 4 hours drive.
  • From Wayanad in Kerala to Kabini National Park is 2 Hours drive and it is just 62 Kms.
Travel to Kabini and spot Black Panther !

Safaris in Kabini

Kabini has three gates Zone 1, Zone 2 and Dammana Katte. There are two safaris that happen every day, one is Morning Jeep or Cantor and the other in the evening. Early morning Safari is the best one to do as the wild animals come out to drink water from the nearby lakes or water bodies. When it comes to Leopard sightings, Evening Safari is the best time to witness them. One of the biggest advantages of Kabini is that, when most of the Sanctuaries in India are closed during Monsoon season, Kabini is opened throughout the year. Summer is the best time to visit Kabini where herds of elephants come out to quench their thirst. Even Boat safari is also considered as the best one, it’s a unique experience all together where one can see the varieties of Birds, and Freshwater Crocodiles sliding in and out of the water. Twice a day Motor Boat rides happen. The memorable moment for any tourist is witnessing the sunset while  doing pedal boats or rowboats.

Places near Kabini

The advantage of visiting Kabini is that Nagarhole and Bandipur National Park are adjacent to it. One can hop from one sanctuary to another in the same Tour Package. As Mysore is the closest town, It is to  include the place in the Package as Mysore is a Princely state and visiting the place is worth it.  


Kabini is Where Deccan plateau meets with the Western Ghats. It is both Tropical Dry and Tropical Moist Deciduous. The Maximum Temperature goes to 35° C ; Min 13° C. The annual rainfall is between 1000 mm to 1500 mm. June to September is considered a Wet session, October to February is Cool session and March to May is Dry session. 

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