Why Is Jungle Vacation The Best During Pandemic And Post Pandemic
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Why Is Jungle Vacation The Best During Pandemic And Post Pandemic?

Why Is Jungle Safari The Best During Pandemic And Post Pandemic_

Jungle safari is one of the most sought among the list of adventure tours. Spending time with nature is always an antidote to the jam packed routine. The new normal, pandemic, quarantine, SOS, isolation, and the list goes on. These are the terminologies we have familiar with, since a year. It was about a year ago, the WHO declared that it is the era of pandemic which seems to be endless till now. There was a catalytic change in all our lives since then. Socializing was considered a healer until social distancing took over. Travelling was once considered a bliss and a stress-buster before it was declared risky. This disappointed almost everyone as adventures were a part of life for a lot of us.

It seemed life was tough for a while before things slowly started getting back to normalcy. Or it may be the new normal that can be better than how things were before pandemic. Act with being aware of things around us. Cleanliness and safety became a top priority. Hats off to ourselves since we were strong enough to take the risk to explore with safety norms on. Travelling is one of the activities that most of us re-started. Travel companies like WildTrails started taking an extra step of re-prioritizing safety as top quality. The resorts and properties tied up with us are re-checked for the safety protocols they have implemented. Customer safety and satisfaction will always remain as a priority.We know the value of a vacation, moreover, we value your lives. Also, we at WildTrails have learned to face tougher challenges like this pandemic which has only made us stronger and more confident to organize wildlife expeditions.

Adventure travel such as exploring the famous national parks were something the venturers stepped into once it was thrown open to explore. But no one can stop a wildlife enthusiast from the expedition when he/she is at peak zone. Fortune indeed favours the brave. Kudos to safari organizers to prioritise safety during the pandemic. Jeeps and canters are sanitised after every drive. The demand for safari drives in Indian national parks are gradually increasing. There seem to be no impact on health while on safari drives due to the pandemic, provided you follow the imposed safety norms. The unexpected frustrations during lockdown might be the reason why people tend to travel more than what it was. The animals do not have any impact on us due to the flu. What else can stop the travelers opting for a safari drive during the pandemic? Sighting a tiger in Ranthambore, a black panther in Kabini or the big 5 in Ngorongoro area are still possible during these tough times, moreover, it is indeed a bliss to sight them.

Safety Guidelines For Safari

  • The tourists are informed well in advance to maintain safety protocols throughout the expedition.
  • The jeeps are sanitized after every safari ride.
  • The rooms in the accommodations and resorts are sanitized everyday.
  • Thermal scanning is conducted for every tourist before entering the property or jeep.
  • The tiger trackers are well equipped with masks and disinfectants.
  • The guest luggage is sanitized before entering the property.
  • Social distancing is maintained throughout the expedition.

The forecast of such safari trips seems to climb up the graph. If there is a spike in the graph in future, it would not be surprising. The reason – peak holiday season is coming up and a lot of travelers do not mind taking that extra step for a drive through the woods.


The world seems to be healing steadily for now. There should be an end to everything. This holds good even for the ongoing pandemic. It may be a few months, or another year to get back to normal. Anand Mahindra, a noted business tycoon of the country tweets ‘Strong, evocative support for me to predict that global travel is going to boom post-pandemic.’ Further, European Travel Commission’s Eduardo Santander states- “Obviously, everybody wants to have travel and tourism  back, it’s not a question of that, it’s about how you want the industry to be.”Rest assured, wildlife expedition would be the best way to get rid of the pandemic blues. The hunt for the best capture of a tiger would always be more enthralling than what it was. 


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