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WildTrails of India, Testimonials

Our company OrangeScape takes an annual trip every year and this time we decided to go to an unforgettable place and our CEO introduced me to his friend Manjunath who runs WildTrails of India. I then started to associate with him for planning a nature trip. All we wanted was an adventurous memorable trip. Initially he came up with a beautiful resort, situated in North Karnataka near Hubli and he did put a tremendous amount of effort in arranging the trip for us including the guidance for transport booking etc. However, due to short time period we couldn't make it from our side and hence we planned to postpone it by another couple of months. We were indeed feeling quite guilty that we did not confirm that as he has put in very big effort.   So, I was little hesitant to approach him the next time. Nevertheless, impressed by our earlier experience, we reached out again. He made me comfortable to plan for the next trip and this time, keeping our concerns and requirements in the mind, he guided us to an awesome place, “Red Earth Kabini” which is rated as the top five destinations worldwide for wildlife, situated on the back waters of the Kabini dam.  We felt that every aspect of our contact with him was very professional & excellent. And, most importantly very personalized and friendly. We are very pleased that we choose to book through him and feel very lucky to have gotten his connection. We were especially impressed by the quality and services which are the two hallmarks for organizing corporate tours and he provided a great service while setting up the entire tour. He knowledge of the locations and wildlife spots and matching with our complex requirements was jaw dropping.  It has been a pleasure to work with WildTrails of India and the service is highly recommended to others and rightfully deserving so!


“Was planning for a trip to Bangalore during X’Mas & HNY. One of the objectives was to take my kids to a Tiger Reserve & get them connected to Wild Life/Nature, far away from Urban Concrete. First person I thought off while trying to figure how do I plan this was Manju of WildTrails of India. Knew him from Blue Coat Days & is known for being Meticulous, Unbiased & Accurate in his assessments, With his new Baby being WildTrails, he was my go to person. Moment I touched base, as usual response times were fast, information was descriptive with his suggestions & reasons behind it, assist with all the details & bookings. Had a seamless & transparent experience of booking this Holiday trip. Hoping to see his venture up & running, me being a Wild Life enthusiast & always open to visit Forest reserves, would be surely one of his most frequently visited visitor/customer on his portal/app to plan by Wild gateways”Kumar Mitra, Director OEM Alliances, Nutanix Inc., Singapore 



Manjunath Gowda of WildTrails of India was kind  enough to provide me with very detailed and helpful information related to my upcoming trip to Nagarhole National Park and to other places in Southern India. Mr. Gowda is a wealth of information. During the preparation of my trip, I have emailed many Indian travel agencies for assistance and most didn't respond and if they did the answers were lacking any pertinent information. Mr. Gowda to the contrary, was always quick to respond to any questions I had with detailed and insightful information that I am confident will improve the quality of my trip to Southern India. In addition to Mr. Gowda's greatly appreciated assistance, I can tell by conversing with him and from his website, that he has a deep respect for the nature of Southern India and is dedicated to sharing the amazement of Southern India's wild places with others so that hopefully they too will appreciate these places in the same way that he does. I really am hoping that our paths will cross during my trip so that I will have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Gowda in person.Matthew Allison, Inspector, Air Pollution Control District at San Diego County, USA



My wife and I plan to travel extensively in India during all of December, 2015 and part of January, 2016. One of the highlights of this trip that we are eagerly looking forward to is our stay in Coorg, part of that being a visit to the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary. During my initial fact collection efforts, I was not successful in gathering reliable information about this great wildlife sanctuary, like visiting hours, types of guided tours available, how to secure admission tickets for the tours etc. I almost had given up on the Nagarhole visit, when I, per chance, read  Manjunath’s Blog on Nagarhole Park on WildTrails of India site. His Blog answered most of my questions succinctly! Since reading his Blog, I have been corresponding with Manjunath for additional clarifications unique to my situation. I am awed by Manjunath’s passion, detailed knowledge of the terrain and local practices, and above all, his altruistic and empathetic disposition to go out of way to provide timely help to a stranger keen on visiting one of the last remaining wildlife sanctuaries in India. My wife and I are very grateful and appreciative of Manjunath’s guidance. As part of my trip I plan to visit Bengaluru for a couple of days. I sincerely hope I find a way to meet this unique person and express my appreciation to him face to face. Thank you Manjunath, I wish you great success in your efforts on the Wildtrails of India! Srinivasa Ratnam Retired Semiconductor Professional (Intel Corp.), Santa Clara, California, USA


Sagnik Sengupta, Sr. GM- Supply Chain, Transasia BioMedicals Ltd., Mumbai India. Sagnik Sengupta, Sr. GM- Supply Chain, Transasia BioMedicals Ltd., Mumbai India


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