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Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

Asola-Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary lies at the far southern edge of the city of Delhi, at Asola near Tughlaqabad in the Delhi National Capital Territory of India. This protected area contains one of the last surviving remnants of Delhi Ridge hill range and its semi arid forest habitat and its dependent wildlife, the northernmost extension of the Aravalli mountains that begin in the state of Rajasthan. Once this forested ridge area extended throughout the city of Delhi, but development has all but destroyed it. The reserve is found at the end of a rutted track that leads through a dusty unlicensed village.

The sanctuary is located on Southern Ridge, the northern terminal of Aravalli Hill Range, one of the oldest mountain system of the world. Biodiversity significance of Ridge lies in its merger with Indo-Gangetic plains. Legal protected Status of southern ridge was uncertain till 1986 when community lands of the villages of Asola, Shapur and Maidangari (4,707 acres (1,905 ha)) were notified during 1986 and the lands of Bhatti 2,167 acres (877 ha)) were notified in 1991 as a sanctuary

The main attraction in the Asola area now is the Conservation Education Centre (CEC) in the Forest Department building run in collaboration with the Bombay Natural History Society and Government of NCT Delhi. Here you can get a comprehensive package of information on Flora Fauna and also on how to help to conserve them. The Nature trail run by the staff of CEC through the scrub jungle that surrounds the building is really enriched with interesting facts about the nature and life style. 2 km (1.2 mi) exposing floral and faunal element, topography of area. There are about 193 species of birds reported from Asola along with large number of medicinal plants, more than 80 species of butterflies, hundreds of other insects, mammals like blue bull (nilgai, largest antelope of the country), blackbuck (fastest land animal surviving in the wild in the country), black-naped hare, porcupine, civets, jackals and jungle cat.

The film shows and slide shows conducted by the CEC are of a class of their own.

Nature trail 2 km exposing floral and faunal element, topography of area. Good patches of Anogeissus, Balanite and riparian belt representative of Aravalli Hill Range. Large worked out minepits of Bhatti area in process of reclamation and establishment likely to be developed wetland habitat. Historical place around sanctuary are surajkund(Haryana), Tughlakabad and Adilabad ruins (N.Delhi), Chattarpur Temple.


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