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WildTrails web gets around 1/2 a million unique users per year and the app has 30,000+ users and these users are looking for the right wildlife vacation and the right resort/hotel/stay.

You can list your hotel on our web and app. Do partner with us to display your offerings. If you are running a hotel/resort/stay that’s attached to any wildlife park and/or selling any service or product that appeals to wildlifers, you need to contact us at [email protected] asap.


if you are owning or running a resort that is attached to or nearby any jungle (can be anywhere across the globe), you need to list it in the App/Web


if you are creating wildlife trips be it any wildlife location across the globe, you need to list it in the App/Web


if you are renting our high-end camera & lenses which are suitable for Wildlife photography, you need to list your service in the app/web


if you are selling goods which are suitable for Wildlife travel/tourism, you need to list your products in the app under eStore


Any other services that you feel are needed by Wildlifers, you need to list your product/service in the app and get visible in front of 30,000+ wildlifers

If you are any one of the above and want to get visibility in front of 30,000+ wildlifers, send us an email at [email protected]

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