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Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area in the Western Ghats, in Khanapur Taluk of Belgaum District near Jamboti Village, Karnataka state, India. This 19,042.58 ha (73.5238 sq mi) of Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests forest area was long awaiting to be a wild life sanctuary and finally declared in December 2011. The Bhimgad forests are notable for the Barapede caves, the only known breeding area of the Wroughtons free-tailed bat, a threatened species on the verge of extinction. The sanctuary is also home to other rare species of flora and fauna. The area takes its name from the Bhimgad Fort which was built and commanded by Shivaji in the 17th century. It is located in the heart of the forest valley, Built by Shivaji to defend from the Portuguese troops who controlled Goa that time, rises 1800 ft near vertically above the plains. The fort occupied the summit of an extraordinary rock, with sides about 300 ft (91 m) in perpendicular height. The defenses were almost entirely natural, requiring little additional construction. The ruins of the 380-ft high and 825-ft broad Bhimgad fort are located right in the heart of the forest, and is of great historical significance.


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