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Bunning Wildlife Sanctuary

Bunning Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Tamei subdivision in Tamenglong district, and is part of the Barail Range. The Barak river flows near the Sanctuary. Many streams originate from the catchment areas within the Sanctuary and feed the Barak. Tropical Evergreen and Semi-evergreen Forests occur in the Sanctuary.

A group of 7 (seven) lakes viz Zeilad, Guiphuapzai, Narouzai, Tuangpuizai, Goulungzai, Napsiamzai & unnamed one

Combination of Alpine grassland and Forests ecosystem.
Beautiful undulating small mounds clothed with varied flowering herbs & shrubs, bamboo orchids mingled with wild lilies.
Water fall (60m)
Catchments area of 4(four) important rivers.
Basic Information
Area 115.8 sq. km
Date of est. 8/9/1997 (proposed & settlement proceeding not yet completed)
District Tamenglong
Location 93031’51’’ to 93040’33’’E Longitude 2504’19’’ to 25012’42’’ N Latitude
Temperature 11.90C to 31.20C.(2000)
Forest type Alpine grassland and wet hill Forests.


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