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Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area located in the Mandya, Chamarajanagar and Ramanagar districts of Karnataka. The Cauvery River passes through its midst. It was established in 1987.The Sanctuary spans an area of 1027.535 square kilometers. On its east, it adjoins Dharmapuri forest division of Tamil Nadu state. The Major portion of the forests are of South Indian dry deciduous type. It is home to mammals like elephant, wild boar, leopard, dhole, spotted deer, barking deer, four-horned antelope, chevrotain, common langur, bonnet macaque, honey badger (ratel), malabar giant squirrel, smooth-coated otter and Grizzled giant squirrel. The river cauvery also houses various species of reptiles like the Mugger crocodile,Indian mud turtles, and various species of snakes. This is also one of the few places to find mahseer fish. The central and eastern parts of the sanctuary are well forested, Hogenakal falls (Smoking rock in Kannada), Mekedatu (Goats leap), Sangam (The point where the Arkavathi river joins the Cauvery) and Muthathi (The religious place where lord Anjaneya temple is situated) are of cultural, historical and tourist interest. The eastern part of the sanctuary is completely bounded by the state of Tamilnadu. Four wildlife ranges have been created for this sanctuary i.e. Kanakapura, Hanur, Cowdally and MM Hills wildlife ranges. The following Reserve Forests are included in the Sanctuary Basavanabetta S.F, Chilandavadi S.F, Muggur S.F, Chikkayalur S.F & Mahadeswara R.F.


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