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Changthang Cold Desert Wildlife Sanctuary

The Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as the Changtang Cold Desert Wildlife Sanctuary, is a very well-known place in the district Leh, Jammu & Kashmir.
The place remains very cold for its high location and the breath taking view amazes everyone throughout the year. The Kiang, a kind of Tibetan Wild Ass is quite popular in this place, and black necked Crane which is very rare in India or somewhere else on earth.
This Wild life sanctuary is a portion of the Hindu Kush Himalaya, quite popular there.
The height of the Sanctuary is the reason of its popularity, which is 14000 to 19000 feet, as its said. The Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary is made of narrow deep hills and very large tableland. Lakes and swamps are scattered in the wildlife sanctuary, and the river Indus has divided the Sanctuary into two, passing through the place.

There is lot of activity going on around this nice place and the history of Changtang tells some events that affects the place very much.
Since 1962 Changtang has been experienced lot of cruelty which made the place quite a war zone, but nobody can ignore the beauty of the place that made the government approve a vast area for the Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary, which can protect its well known plants and animals. Before 1994 tourists were not allowed to visit the place, but then tourists can go to Pangong Tso and Tso Morari lakes which are not far from the sanctuary. The animals are in danger as the environment is not suitable for their survival, thanks to the militaries activities, of course. Tourisms also kind of affects their lives.

Located In the east of Leh ( J&K), and between Ladakh and the Tibet (China) border and can be accessed via Leh
Main Wildlife Found Snow leopard
Coverage Area 4,000 sq. km
Temperatures -5degC to 35degC
Languages Hindi, English, Ladakhi, Urdu
Best Season May to December


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