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Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary Orissa, sprawling in an area of 346.91 sq km in the undivided district of Sambalpur (Now Baragarh) is thickly dense with flora like bija, sal, asana, aanla, dhaura and other associates of sol. One of the famous wildlife national parks in India, this is also known for the waterfalls falling down the hillsides in the monsoon season. Its nearness with the large Hirakud reservoir.

Surrounding the wildlife ranges of Kamgaon and Lakhanpur, Debrigarh is boarded by the Debrigarh, Jhagadabehera, Lambipalli and Mundakati villages. This Indian wildlife sanctuaries and national park is well-known for the vividness it possesses in their flora and fauna. The forest is occupied by the species of tigers, leopards, sloth bears, chitals, sambars, and nilgais, along with a range of resident and migratory birds including the chousingha and the crested serpent eagle. To make the woodland environs more colorful, there are mugger crocodiles and freshwater turtles, among others. Such a lively vividness can be expected from this lush jungle which is named among the most vibrant wild life sanctuaries in India.


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