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Giri Cavale

Giri Cavale

Giri Cavale
Advisor, Mentor – WildTrails Technologies
Giri Cavale
Giri Cavale is a renowned wildlife photographer, photography mentor.
His mercurial senses are always in search of an exceptional experience and his seasoned expertise keeps him always ready for a memorable image.
Giri’s passion for photography was born out of his love for the wilds, which was instilled in him from a young age.  Armed with this experience, almost unfaltering intuition, a deep connection with his subjects and tremendous skill to make opportunities count, Giri has captured some truly unforgettable moments in the most enchanting wildlife areas.
When in the wild, people believe where there’s Giri, a fascinating wild encounter is never far away, and Giri is equally passionate about sharing his treasure of knowledge, as he is about using photography as a powerful tool of communication.

Giri Cavale

Famous for his stunning body of work with the elusive cats and other wildlife, Giri has won the coveted Gold medal at the 17th Nature Biennial World Cup by the FIAP in 2014 and Second prize at the Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography Awards in 2013, and been featured in numerous prestigious publications.


But Giri remains humble, and calls himself merely a nature devotee whose guiding philosophy is ‘too much is never enough!’

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