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Kais Wildlife Sanctuary

Kais wildlife sanctuary is one of the most important sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh. This sanctuary was established according to the provisions made in Punjab Wild Birds and Animal Protection Act of 1933. Kullu area is hilly and various species are naturally habited there. A large population of wild species is habited in this area since long and seeing this, the area was properly notified as wildlife sanctuary during 1954. This sanctuary is accessible from any part of the country. Kullu being the famous tourist place and any visitor come here also wants to visit this sanctuary. Proper and sufficient arrangements have been provisioned in this sanctuary for easement of visitors coming across the country. This sanctuary is spread in Parvati Valley of Kullu district.

Kais wildlife sanctuary is located at 16 kilometers distance from Kullu city. This sanctuary did not exist before 1954 because at that time no vast awareness was considered important about wild species and to preserve them. Owing to this attitude various endangered species disappeared from the earth. Later when the exploitation of land areas, forest area was aggressively started for enhancement of agricultural area and residential areas, the wild species got disturbed badly and started wandering here and there in search of a safer habitat. In the Kullu area, various events of animal attacks were happened. Seeing this, government has decided to restrict the entrance of human being in this area and notified this region as a wildlife sanctuary.


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