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Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary

Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary and estuary located in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is one of the rarest eco-regions of the world owing to the fact that it harbors vast tracts of pristine mangrove forests. It is believed among conservationists as one of the last remaining tracts of thick primary mangrove forests of South India, which is rapidly disappearing due to absence of protective measures.

The sanctuary is a part of the mangrove wetland in Andhra Pradesh and are located in the coastal plain of Krishna delta, spread across Krishna and Guntur districts of Andhra Pradesh.

It includes Sorlagondi Reserve Forest, Nachugunta Reserve Forest, Yelichetladibba Reserve Forest, Kottapalem Reserve Forest, Molagunta Reserve Forest, Adavuladivi Reserve Forest and Lankivanidibba Reserve Forest. They occupy the islands of the delta and the adjacent mainlands of Krishna and Guntur Districts.

A part of the mangroves is located far from the main mangrove area. This unconnected regions lies near Machilipatnam on its eastern side and Nakshatranagar on its western side.

The estuary of Krishna River passes through the sanctuary, and the mangroves line the estuary. It is believed that this region potentially holds one of the most significant populations of fishing cats in the world and yet, no concrete surveys on fishing cats or community-based fishing cat conservation efforts have been carried out here. The area has the potential to become world’s first reserve for a few of the IUCN identified endangered species including the fishing cat or better known locally as bavuru pilli.


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