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Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary

Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary, Jammu and Kashmir has been named after ‘Lachipora’ village which is present in the catchment area of the protected area, at a distance of nearly 90 kms away from the western portion of Srinagar, spreading over the northern banks of Jhelum River. It is surrounded by Maidan Forests towards its southern side, the ceasefire line on its western end, Kakau Forest in Langet Forest Division on its northern portion and Limber and Bagna Forests in its eastern side. This sanctuary was established by the efforts of the Department of Wildlife Protection 1987. The landscape of this wildlife reserve varies greatly ranging from gentle to steep slopes which are interrupted by large, rocky cliffs. This sanctuary had been developed in order to safeguard Markhor, which is specie of wild goat found in parts of Kashmir, Pakistan and other countries.

There exist various kinds of forests and trees inside the grounds of Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary which consists of Coniferous Forests, Broadleaf Forests and meadows of Alpine pastures. Birch, Horse Chestnut, Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary, Jammu and KashmirWest Himalayan Fir and Persian Walnut are amongst the trees which are a part of the Broadleaf Forests of this region. The local Coniferous Forests contain trees comprising Deodar, Himalayan White Pine and Blue Pine trees which grow in abundance in Lachipora Sanctuary. Visitors will be welcomed by beautiful woodlands of Silver Fir which thrive in an elevation measuring upto 3, 500 metres above mean sea level. This forest is filled with trees like Western Himalayan Spruce, West Himalayan Fir and some other varieties of trees. Bushes and shrubs of stunted growth can be observed growing in isolated patches throughout the sanctuary. A large number of herbaceous plants are found in this wonderful wildlife sanctuary, apart from Junipers and Rhododendron.

Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary is home to several species of birds especially the Western Tragopan which has been categorised as a ‘Vulnerable Specie’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature or IUCN. Markhor or wild goat is also present here.


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