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Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary

Located just 25 km from Nagoan town of Assam the Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to innumerable species of birds, animals and plants. Its main attraction is the Great Indian one horned Rhinocerous. Other animals found here are Indian royal Bengal tiger, elephant, Wild Boar, Civet Cat, Leopard Cat, Hog Deer, Asian water buffalo, about 200 species of birds, including the Bengal Florica, Leopard, Asiatic Buffalo etc. The wildlife sanctuary is also called Laokhowa Avayaranya.

The Sanctuary has a pleasant, comfortable and eco-friendly climatic condition during the months of November to April. Hence, this period is considered to be the best time to visit the Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary. However, the climate remains extremely humid during the rest of the year, though the sanctuary receives high levels of precipitation. The Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 70.13 sq. km.

It is a home to many rare species of wild animals. In other words, it is a habitat to large variety of flora and fauna. Some species of wildlife are namely one horned rhino, wild boar, Asiatic water buffalo, leopard cat, civet cat, hog deer, black deer, elephant, and numerous species of migratory birds. This is for this reason that the Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary is sometimes called as the wildlife lovers' paradise. You can enjoy the wild animals roaming about freely in their natural habitat. Laokhowa wildlife sanctuary is inhabited by diverse species of birds and reptiles. The Laokhowa wildlife sanctuary at Assam is the famous one-horned Rhinoceros of India . The other animals that can be seen in the are Leopard, Civet Cat, Tiger, Asiatic Buffalo, Wild Boar, Hog Deer, Leopard Cat, etc.

Besides the rich variety of mammal species, more than 200 bird species are also found in the Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary. The bird species include both the resident and migratory types. The endangered species like Bengal Florican is undoubtedly the most notable bird species found in the sanctuary. Besides preserving the rich wildlife of the state, the sanctuary also makes good contribution to the tourism sector of Assam. Several tourists from different parts of India and also from all over the world come and visit the sanctuary for spending a quality time on the lap of nature.

Divisional Forest Officer, Nagaon Wildlife Division, Katimari, Nagaon -782002, Tel.- +913672225632
Range Officer, Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, P.O. Garajan, District- Nagaon Tel.- +913672247592


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