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Learn more about WildTrails of India App

The WildTrails of India app is the best way to get all the details about Indian wildlife sanctuaries (best travel times, animal sightings, accommodations, prices, etc). We are the one-stop destination for Indian Wildlife Enthusiasts.

What’s Available:

  • All of Wildlife Sanctuaries and national parks of India will complete details including what mammals, reptiles, birds are there and also what is best time to visit there
  • Complete Safari details on how it works, costing, timings and how to book one (for each Sanctuary)
  • All of Tiger & Elephant reserves,
  • Info about indian animals & birds
  • Attached Wildlife Resorts,
  • Wildlife tour operators & organized tours,
  • Camera/Equipment Rentals,
  • Self-drive Car & out-of-town Car Rentals 
  • Photographic Workshops, & lot more 

 If you’d like to get an early preview of the app, please register for free on our Beta program here.

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