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Mahuadanr (Wolf) Wildlife Sanctuary

Mahuadanr sanctuary is situated in the picturesque Chechari Vally (Mahuadanr) Distt. Latehar. It is under administrative control of Field Director, Palamau Tiger Reserve. It has been notified as sanctuary vide notification no-S.O.1062 Dated- 23.06.1976 of Govt of Bihar. The area of the sanctuary is 63.256 sq km. The sanctuary consists of the scattered patches of the forests grouped under 25 Protected Forests. These forests are surrounded by the agricultural areas and share common boundary with Chhattisgarh state.

The terrain of the sanctuary is undulating and mostly has the hill ranges of varying altitudes. Average altitude of the sanctuary is 600mts approx. The western part of the hill tops are flat and called ‘Pat’. The major ‘pats’ are Chiro, Orsa and Kukud. The isolated hill are called ‘Tongari’ and found near valley. The sanctuary is drained by Burha river. The river meets Aksi River and drains into North Koel near Kujrum. Lodh fall, highest in Jharkhand is situated on this river.

The winter in the area is cold with the temperature going down to 40C in plains and 20C in the hills. The summer is very hot and temperature goes up to 470C.

The Forest composition varies on hill tops and valleys. The hill tops have xerophytes vegetation, where as there are good crop of sal and associates in the valleys. The trees of bel, dhaura, khair, salai, piar, kend, karounda, ziziphus, sal, chilbil are dominant in the sanctuary.

These Forests have breeding dens of the wolves. These dens are occupied by the wolves from October- November & from February – March every year .They subsequently disperse to other adjoining areas.The sanctuary has good population of bears and barking deer also.

The sanctuary can be visited from October to June. There are forest rest houses at Mahuadanr and Aksi. The Lodh fall and Netrahat are also the places of tourist attraction.

Important Mammals : Predominant is Wolf and other species are Hares, Mongoose, Rats, Squirrels, Small Deer and Ground Birds.

Important Tourist Spots : Mahuadanr comes in Latehar district therefore some major tourist destinations are Lodh Fall, Kanti Fall Chandwa, Kutku rapids in Barwadih, Kechki- confluence of Auranga & Koel, New and old forts of Palamau & Netarhat plateau to name a few.


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