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Mansingdeo Wildlife Sanctuary

After two decades of advocating, Mansingh-Deo Wildlife Sanctuary has finally been notified by the Maharashtra government, securing 183 sq km of critical tiger landscape connectivity between forests in Central India. The notification makes Mansingh Deo the 42nd protected area in the state, and provides crucial buffer to Pench NP. The notification was first suggested by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) in the late 1980s. Subsequently, in 1993, a three-year study culminated in a formal proposal for the creation of Mansingh Deo WLS over an area of 180-200 sq km. However, despite requests from the Forest Department for a protected area status for the entire belt, the notification was stalled as these forests had been handed over to the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra. The government sought a compromise considering three non-contiguous blocks including 50 sq km of the initially proposed area.
Gate : Chorbahuli, Deolapar (khursapar), Saleghat.


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