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Mayureswar Supe Wildlife Sanctuary

Mayureswar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Tehsil Baramati in Pune district in Maharashtra, India. It is 72 km from Pune and 35 km from Daund.

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is not only popular for its birds and wildlife population, but also offers stunning landscapes and natural beauty. This is a good place to see the Indian gazelle. Tourists are allowed to drive their vehicles inside the sanctuary as well as on foot.

The fees as of May 2016 are as follows:

Entry fee: ₹30 per person
Four wheeler entry: ₹100 per vehicle
Two wheeler entry: ₹25 per vehicle
Camera: ₹50 per person
The forest department has two tents within the sanctuary area.[3] Accommodation options available in the vicinity are in Supe, outside the sanctuary. One may also stay in the Hadapsar area in Pune and drive to the sanctuary in the morning or evening.

The best time to visit is from late August to February when the weather is not very harsh. Summers are hot and humid and there is heavy rainfall during monsoon.


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