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Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary

Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary is a 282-square-kilometre (109 sq mi) wildlife sanctuary in the Lower Dibang Valley district of Arunachal Pradesh, a state in Northeast India. The sanctuary was declared in 1980, and is home to many species of wild animals including the Bengal tiger, hoolock gibbon, leopard and clouded leopard

A real ocean of green paradise on earth. A rugged mountains belt its panoramic landscape is beyond descriptions. It is a land of wonder for tourist and living treasure for scientists i.e. Ornithologists, Zoologists, Botanists, Ecologists. Indeed, a virgin natural forest with unique natural lakes in the midst of wilderness.

The sanctuary lies roughly between 93o 30’ and 95o 45’ east longitudes and 28o 5’ and 28o 15’ north latitude and covers an area of 281.5 sq. km. The altitude varies from 400m to 3568m from Mean Sea Level (MSL).


The forest type varies with altitudes. This Sanctuary consists of four forest types as stated below:

1. Tropical Evergreen Forests (Up to 900m): The main associate tree species are:-

Terminalia Myriocarpa, Terminalia Bellirica, Terminalia Chebula, Altingia Excelsa, Jalauma Phellocarpa, Abizzia Lucida, Abizzia Procera, Abizzia Arunachalensis, Abizzia Sherriffi, Acacia Caesia, Canarium Strictum, Largerstromia Flostregina, Duabanga Grandiflora, Michelai Champaca, Messua Ferra, Dillenia Indica, Castanopsis Indica, Bischfia Javanica, Magnolia species, Ailanthus Grandis, Kedia Calycina, Bombax Ceiba, Schima Wallichri, Ficus Altissima, etc.

Shrubs & Herbs:- Clerodendrum Colebroo-Kiarum, Clerodendrum Viscosum, Maesa Indica, Costus species, Tephrosia Candida, Solanum Khaslanum, etc.

Bamboo & Canes: Dendrocalamus Giganteus, Dendrocalamus Hamitonii, Phyllostchya Bamusoides, Bambussa Pallida, Pseudotaehiyum Polymer etc.

2. Sub-Tropical & Temperate Forests (Above 900m to 1800m):

The common associate tree species are:-

Ainusnepalensis, Populus Amblei, Castanopsis Indica, Castanopsis Spicate, Quercus Griffithi, Quercus Amellosa, Bbetula Ainnides, Albizia Mollis, Michelia Species, Magnolia Species etc.

Shrubs & Herbs:- Zantheoxylum Acanthopo Pynfomis, Panax species, Rnmex Hastatus, Swer Tia spcies, etc.

Bamboos:- Phyllostachys Bamboo Soides, Arundinaria species, Arundinaria Malling, Cephalo Stachyum species, etc.

3. Temperate Broad Leave Forest (1800M to 2800m):

The main associations found in this forest types are :- Quercus Griffithii, Betula Alnoides, Cophis Teeta(Medicinal plant), R. Anthropogon etc.

4. Temperate Conifer Forest (2800m to 3500m):

The main associations found in this forest types are :- Tsuga Abies, Pinus Roxburgii, Texas Baccata, Texas Abies, Lanx Griffithiane Forests, Picea Abies Forest and gregarious bamboo forests.


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