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Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary

The Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 37 sq. kms. Situated in Karbi Anglong Autonomous District Council, it is 25 kms away from Golaghat and 65 kms from the Kaziranga National Park. This Himalayan forests covered with tropical forests and the vast low-lying plains. The Govt. of Assam recognised Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary as a sanctuary in 27 July 2000.

Situated amidst an oasis of idyllic green and dotted by sylvan water bodies that glitter like a mirage of quicksilver, Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary is a moderately sized sanctuary that stretches across an expanse of 37 sq. km. The sanctuary is an haven for wild animals like the regal elephants and the majestic predatory Royal Bengal Tigers.

Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary is also an ornithologist and a bird lover’s dream destination. The sanctuary houses numerous varieties of exotic and variegated migratory as well as domestic birds. Entomologists too have a gala time studying the varieties of insects, butterflies and moths that flitter about the sanctuary’s premises.

The sanctuary is well known for its verdant floral wealth. Some of the important timber species found here are Bhelu, Gomari, Ajar, Nahor, Udiyam, Poma, Bon Som etc. The forest also has abundant growth of orchids, ferns, & other climbers.


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