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Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary

Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary lies across the Uhl River in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh.

The sanctuary lies in the Mandi District in Himachal Pradesh. Featuring acres of lush greenery and dense forests, the nature park is located in the Mandi District and features exclusive views. The slopes in the park are covered with Alpine forests. The park aims at creating awareness about the flora and fauna native to the area.

A walk through this nature park is very relaxing and enjoyable. The sanctuary is home to different varieties of animals and birds. There are some dense patches in the sanctuary especially at the higher altitudes. The Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary adjoins the Khokhan Sanctuary. The sections of the park overlooking the Uhl River are the best and most beautiful. From these sections tourists can get a good look at the beauty of nature.
The closest access to the sanctuary is the Barog village. There are several treks in the sanctuary and many treks that connect the sanctuary to Barog. There are also treks that connect Barog to the main town of Mandi and some trails also lead to Kullu. Visitors can enjoy a lot of fun-filled moments and sightseeing in the area.

The Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1962 and later re-notified in 1974. It is one of the most heavily inhabited nature reserves in Himachal Pradesh. There are several native Himalayan plants and animals that call the sanctuary their home. Nargu offers visitors with a wide range of activities and treks through some exotic routes that are thoroughly enjoyable.

The sanctuary gives visitors a chance to observe the native Himalayan wildlife closely. The rough terrain in the sanctuary makes it an excellent destination for adventure lovers. With the Uhl River flowing through the sanctuary there can nothing be better that visitors can ask for.

Dotted with beautiful lakes and streams, the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary is a place worth visiting. The sanctuary spreads over an area of 27,837 hectares and the altitude in the area varies from 970m to 4034m above sea level.

Climate and Visiting Season: The most suitable time for visiting the sanctuary is between April and May and from August to October.

The reserve features different types of forests across the area. Some of the trees that tourists will come across during their visit to the sanctuary include the sub-tropical pine, Moru Oak, Ban Oak, Kharsu Oak, Moist Deodar, moist temperate Deciduous, western mixed Coniferous and sub Alpine forests.


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