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Narsighgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Narsinghgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1974, is situated in Rajgarh District, Madhya Pradesh. The Sanctuary is spread over an area of 59 sq km. The most popular animal species found at the sanctuary include chital, sambar, blue bull, leopard and wild boar. Chidikhon Tank, situated in the heart of the sanctuary, is a habitat of several local and migratory birds. Over 164 species of birds can also be sighted here. The main attraction here is the peacocks.

There are hundreds of natural caves in the sanctuary, which bear ancient white and red wall paintings. The other attractions visitors could look forward to at the Sanctuary are the Narsinghgarh Fort, Bada Mahadev, ChhotaMahadev, Haji WaliDargah, SoulahKhamb, etc. Also Fairs are organized near the temples of BadaMahadev and Chhota Mahadev during the Shivratri Festival. The Narsinghgarh Forest Rest House is a place visitors could look for accommodation while at the sanctuary.


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