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Palak (Tokalo) Wildlife Sanctuary

“The biggest lake in Mizoram is Rih Dil but it is in Burma” is a funny claim. The legendary lake of the Mizos unfortunately is 3km into Burma beyond the boundary. So it’s just the biggest lake of Mizoram in exile?

On the other hand, Palak lake well within the geographical space of Mizoram is the real and uncontested biggest lake of the state. It is 400m x 600m wide and 13m deep.

It lies in the southern end of Mizoram midway between Phura and the famous village of Tongkolong (Tokalo). It’s a natural lake surrounded by very thick forest. The morning mists at the lake makes it feel like a magical land in a fairy tale with fairy tale creatures emerging through the mists.

Palak lake would be one of the top places to visit in Mizoram but due to it’s remote location it doesn’t see much tourists.
Locally the lake is called Pala Tipo in Mara language. It is associated with myths and legends such as the existence of an under water village.


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