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Partner Program

Wildlife Ecosystem Business Partners

Learn how a partnership with WildTrails can help your agency increase the size of your client engagements.

Wildlife Resort owners

Wildlife Tour organizers

Camera/lens & Related equipment renters

Cab/Car rentals

Sellers who sell Wildlife gears

Why should you come to us?

  • We are the first and only one “mobile only” solution in the market and should be getting lakhs of wildlife enthusiasts (WE) on the platform and will be the best place to reach to your target customers.
  • We are the first “select-by-attributes” for resorts which are wildlife specific like:

    - Safari and Kind (Jeep, Bus, Elephant, Boat etc.)

    - Best Season (months) to visit

    - Nature Walk

    - BirdWatch Trek

    - Elephant Rides

    - Boat/Coracle rides

    - How far is the resort from the jungle (or whether it is inside the jungle) and lot more

  • Plus many attributes for the National Park/Sanctuary like (which are again can be used to search/select)

    - Is this a Tiger or a Elephant reserve?

    - Kind of animals and birds, their approx. numbers and their density

  • And also other usual attributes like (which are again searchable like):

    - Children Friendly (Child play area, indoor and outdoor games, Day care, Doctor-on-Call etz.)

    - Family Friendly (Spa, Library, etc.)

    - Budget and Distance etc.

  • All these provides an amazing ability to one and all to pick the Sanctuary and the Resort what they want rather than leaving everything to the “Surprise or Disappointment on Arrival”!!
  • We will also be providing complete listing of all Animals & birds that are specific to a given national park with complete details of each & every animal & bird.
  • Not just National Parks, Sanctuaries, Animals/Birds but we are also getting all members of the ecosystem together such as Camera & Equipment rentals, Car/Cab rentals, Wildlife Tour (photography tour) organizers, Photography & related workshops and lot more.
  • We will be offering lot of Wildlife tourisam related
  • Send an Email to get listed on our mobile App info@WildTrails.In
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