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Peechi-Vaazhaani Wildlife Sanctuary

Peechi vazhani wildlife sanctuary is the second oldest wildlife sanctuary of the state of the Kerala. This sanctuary is situated in Thrissur district of the state of the Kerala. It comprises of parts of Bahranipacha mala, Paravattanimala and Machadmala regions. This sanctuary was established in the year of 1958. It includes the forests of Nellivampathi and Palapilli with area of Chimmony wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary covers total area of 125 Sq. Km. The sanctuary is blessed with evergreen forests because this region witnesses near about 3000 mm rainfall in monsoon. The highest peak of the sanctuary is Ponmudi with an elevation of 923 m and it is best for trekking activities. Numerous streams flow through the sanctuary and provide ample water for wildlife habitats. The sanctuary has different types of forests like tropical semi-evergreen forests, tropical evergreen forests and moist deciduous forests. These forests support for harmonious ecosystem. The sanctuary is home for more than 39 species of animals, 30 species of reptiles, 176 species of birds, 40 species of fish and 17 species of amphibians. The common animals like tiger, sloth bear, leopard, sambar, elephant, bonnet macaque, slender loirs and Niligiri langur found in rich numbers. Tourists can also spot other mammals like deers, barking deers, elk, bison, fox, spotted deer and many more. The sanctuary is also home for native as well as migratory birds. It is also heaven for snake lover because they can spot more than 10 species of snake here. Peechi dam is popular picnic spot because of beautiful botanical garden, rippling fountains and boating facility. The surrounding of dam is cover by lush green forest and offers breathtaking view to visitors. Tourists can take cruise ride to see the beauty of forests.

The sanctuary is a wonderful location of trekking and for a nature walk. Nature camps are held frequently in the sanctuary. Tourists have to take prior permission for trekking from the forest department.


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