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Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is situated in the Porbandar District of Gujarat state, India.

It is the only sanctuary in India, which lies in the heart of city of Porbandar and is a unique example of co-existence of man and nature. It is the only bird sanctuary of the Gujarat that provides legal protection to varied species of birds which nest here. Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is the smallest bird sanctuary spread over in an area of 1 square km. The sanctuary has a lake attracting migratory birds and other birds such as teals, fowls, flamingos, ibis and curlews.

Varied species of birds in all shapes and sizes fly in every year enlivening the area with varied colors; patterns and making this zone a home and their nesting ground. Water birds are often seen splashing in the freshwater lake while the sky touching flights of certain birds bedecks the firmament.


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