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Ramsagar (Ram Sagar) Wildlife Sanctuary

The Ramsagar wildlife sanctuary Dholpur, is situated in the neighborhood of the famous Van Vihar wildlife sanctuary. The distance between the two is approximately 18 kilometers. Thus, you can visit both of them at one go!

This Sanctuary was notified by the Rajasthan Government in the year 1955. Ramsagar Sanctuary holds beautiful Ramsagar Lake, which backs rich water life including fresh water crocodiles and various fishes and snakes. Water fowls, for example, cormorants, white-breasted water hen, marsh hen, jacanas, ringed plover, sand piper, and green and purple herons are very basic. Throughout winter months transitory ducks and geese visit the lake in great numbers.

The Ramsagar Lake view is mesmerizing! A Visit to Ramsagar wildlife sanctuary is a must to see the beauty of the nature in the finest form. The Ramsagar Lake is a home for various very beautiful foreign birds.


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