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Ranipuram Wildliife Sanctuary

Ranipuram Wildlife sanctuary is an accumulation of grassy hills, a bio-diversity hotspot near Panathady town and lies on the Kerala-Karnataka border. Ranipuram was previously known as Madathumala. The wildlife sanctuary is linked to Kanhangad by Kanhangad-Panathur state highway. The proposed wildlife sanctuary of Kanhangad consists of an assortment of flora and fauna that are common only to the Western Ghats. This biodiversity hotspot still remains unexplored completely and there is a lot to study around it. It merges with the Talacauvery wildlife sanctuary of Karnataka. Ranipuram hill station falls in Panathady reserve and is the only spot in the district were we can find the Shola forest. Sholas are patches of stunted evergreen tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forest found in valleys amid rolling grassland in the higher mountain regions of south India.

The Ranipuram wildlife sanctuary is home to different species of animals including the elephants, leopards, deer, wild dogs, wild boars, macaques, jungle cats, leopard cats slender loris, porcupines, malabar giant squirrels, malabar civet cat, many species of birds, rare butterflies and medicinal plants. Ranipuram (ooty of kerala) is a hill station located with in Kasargod district. Kottancheri-Talacavery mountain range.. It is located about 48 kilometres east of Kanhangad between the Panathur and Malom towns. by road ranipuram is accessible from Panathady at kanhangad-panathur state highway.Other trekking paths through dens forest are available from panathur,maruthom and Malom which needs permission from forest officers.
There are two trekking routes available through the South Western Ghats moist deciduous forests. Part of the way the climb is assisted by cut steps. The ambiance of the forest trail is remarkable and once you reach the “Mani” (grass covered hilltop) the view is superb. The undulating cloud-topped hills stretch up to the plains and ocean on the horizon. This is unexplored territory for the nature enthusiast and birdwatcher.


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