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Rehekuri Blackbuck Wildlife Sanctuary

In Maharashtra, blackbucks can be seen at the Rehekuri Wildlife Sanctuary, a deciduous scrub forest that also provides interesting exploration trails.

Situated in the Karjat taluka of Ahmednagar district, the Rehekuri Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over 2.17 square kilometers and draws nature lovers and tourists for its wide variety of flora and fauna. Apart from the many species of trees and plants, you can spot here blackbucks, chinkaras, wolves and the Indian fox.

The blackbucks have definitely taken a liking to this place and from just about 15 to 20 of these animals in the 1980s, the numbers have steadily increased to more than 300 as of now. In Maharashtra the blackbuck is referred to as ‘kalvit’ and the male blackbuck easily stands out from among a group of antelopes for its long spiral horns, which it uses to impress the females.

Given the fact that the area is grassland territory, walking through the sanctuary is a pleasure, more so for the sightings of the many types of antelopes present here. The best way to observe the blackbucks is to be rooted behind a tree and patiently wait for them to come and graze.
The distance from Pune to Bhigwan is 100 km. Turn left towards Karjat. Drive 45 km up to Karjat on the periphery of which is the sanctuary.


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