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Rupi Bhaba Wildlife Sanctuary

Kinnaur of Himachal Pradesh is a heavenly place and what fills most of its green portion is a sanctuary by the name of Rupi Bhaba. Rupi Bhaba is located on the right hand side banks of the river Sutlej and the popular Srikhand range can be viewed at the back of the sanctuary. Amongst other things Rupi Bhaba is also well known for being the sanctuary with the highest altitude which is between 1200 to 1600 meters when compared to the other three sanctuaries of Kinnaur. This sanctuary and its surrounding regions display a wide variety of fauna plus many kind of vegetation ranging from sub-tropical till the alpine.

There are many kinds of trees that can be encountered of the area and among them are large leafed muttered trees of Melotus and ficus trees can also be seen covering a considerably smaller area. Closer to the ficus trees lie the chir pine trees and the visitors can also spot banana trees at some places of the area. As the tourists move of the upward direction they will lay eyes on spruce and fir trees and at last they will encounter high altitude oak as well as birch trees of the sanctuary. The green pastures are found of abundance of the area which is successful of drawing the attention of many flocks from far away places.

The visitors to this sanctuary will usually sight an antelope and a goral near the Sutlej River and moving further upward they will encounter the clumsy Serow and the gallant Tahr along with musk deer and lastly the blue sheep near the Spiti border. The carnivores’ animals that are found of Rupi Bhaba belong to the feline family and among them leopards are sighted the most often and along with them lynx and leopard cats can also be seen at some times. of the lower portions of the sanctuary the black bears are the ones that raise the fear level while of the upper portions the brown bear is seen lurching and on few occasions the snow leopard makes a guest appearance.

Apart from the trees and the Carnivores population the Rupi Bhaba sanctuary is also home to various species of birds and some of them are monals, Western Himalayan horned tragopan and Koklash. Rupi Bhaba is not well connected by a road network hence it becomes mandatory for the visitors to explore the sanctuary by walking. This is a great opportunity for the people who like to get a close experience with nature and the wildlife. The entire road remains close to the river Sutlej and it also covers the structure of each tributary of the way which begins from the Rupi and ends with Wangar and Shorang and Salaring appear of the middle of the east direction. The visitors can enjoy trekking for five to ten days as the total time relies on the availability of making forays of the various valleys of Rupi Bhaba.


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