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Sahyadri Tiger Reserve

The reserve spreads over Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary forming the northern portion and Chandoli National Park forming the southern part of the reserve.

The total area of the tiger reserve is:

Core Area: 600.12 km2 (231.71 sq mi)
Buffer Area: 565 km2 (218 sq mi)
Total Area: 1,166 km2 (450 sq mi)

The name of the Reserve comes from the Sahyadri mountain range, which is a part of the Western Ghats of the north. The range of elevation of the area is 500 m to 1500 m above sea level.

The region of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve includes the area around the Koyna Dam, Warna River and many other small rivers and streams originating from the Western Ghats and flowing to the east.

The history of the area dates back to the Maratha Empire and many forts built or captured by the first Maratha Emperor Shivaji Bhonsle can be found here. The legendary temple from where Shivaji received the Bhavani Sword from divine providence is also said to be among the many ruins of this region.

The first protected area is that of the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, notified of 1985 and the newer protected part is that of the Chandoli National Park notified as Sanctuary of 1985 and National Park of 2004.

Battis Shirala, famous for Nagpanchami festival is very near to Protected Area. So also Kalimata temple at Udgiri village adjacent to Protected Area is locally famous for Prachiti Goddess. Another ancient Valmiki Temple at Paneri village and Naikba temple near Dhebewadi town are also important places of Pilgrimage.


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