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Samaspur Wildlife (Bird) Sanctuary

Samaspur bird sanctuary is restricted for preservation of bird species including various migratory birds and is located in Samaspur area near Salon town of Rai Bareli district of Uttar Pradesh. This sanctuary is not too large in area and has only a small area of 780 hectares. This sanctuary was established in the year 1987. Exact location of the sanctuary is Rohaniya block of the district and far located at 122 kilometers from Lucknow to the city. In this sanctuary more than 250 bird’s species are naturally habited. In the summer season, various migratory birds are also seen in this sanctuary. Though the general climate of this area is also hot and harsh but in comparison to other hot areas, birds find some relief in this area. Having a fleet of more than 250 species, this sanctuary is one of the best and most liked birding destination. Vulture, Kingfishers, Spot Bill Teel common and Teel Whistling etc. have made the sanctuary as their permanent habitat. In this sanctuary, resident and domestic bird Surkhab is also found in large population. Accept the birds, more than 11 fish species are also find in the lake situated at Samaspur. Migratory birds come from more than 5000 kilometers far to spend some time in pleasant weather.

Samaspur Bird Sanctuary was created in 1987 with the aim of protection and conservation of the wetland with special emphasis to the local and migratory birds, conservation of their natural habitat including aquatic plants and animals. The Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai (BNHS) has also listed this Sanctuary as one of the ‘Important Bird Area’ sites. This wetland is included in the list of wetlands indefined under National Wetland Conservation Programme by the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India. Sanctuary consists of six lakes viz. Rohnia, Samaspur Hakganj, Mamuni, GorwaHasanpur and Bisaiya. Approximately 50 thousand water fowls visit this Sanctuary every year between the month of November to March. This Wetland serves as their habitat for nesting as well as breeding for some birds. Thus, this sanctuary has become an attractive destination for the bird lovers as well as tourists since several years.


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