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Sariska Tiger Reserve

Everything you should know about Sariska:

State: Rajasthan 

Sanctuary Type: Wildlife Sanctuary & Tiger Reserve

Nearest Airport: Jaipur

Nearest Town: Alwar


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Sariska Tiger Reserve

Gates & Zones: It has two gates and several routes within each of these two gates. When we pick a gate and a route for you in our package, we use the latest sightings info and also TSI (Tiger Sighting Index) in case if you are interested to spot a Tiger. Gates info & Zone Info along with the Wildlife sighting details on WildTrails India App (Available on iOS & on Android)


Want to know what animals and birds were recently sighted, do download the app, open the app, click the “Sightings” and then choose Sariska and you will get a detailed info on what animals/birds were sighted in the recent days, day-wise session-wise


recent sightings sariska tiger reserve

Mammals you might get to see there:

          “tiger”,  “leopard”  “jungle cat”,   “caracal”, “striped hyena”, “indian jackal”,              “chital”   “sambhar”“nilgai”, “chinkara”,   “four-horned antelope”,   “wild boar”,  “hare”, “hanuman langur”,    “rhesus monkeys”


Birds You might get to see there:

“grey partridge”,  “white-throated kingfisher”, “indian peafowl”, “bush quail”,   “sandgrouse”,   “treepie”  “golden-backed woodpecker”, “crested serpent eagle and the indian eagle owl”, etc.


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